My Future

By: Kaylee Mathias


  • GPA- 4.0+
  • Academics- All A's, AP classes
  • Clubs- KYA, FBLA
  • Activities- Softball, Choir, Pep Club
  • ACT- 31
  • Community Service- Fundraisers, concessions, picking up trash, helping around the school

After Highschool

  • Goals- Become a Special Education Teacher
  • Training- Bachelor's Degree, approved Teacher Education Program, Master's Degree, Teaching under Supervision
  • College- Western Kentucky University (WKU) 4-5 Years
  • Courses- Educational Psychology, legal issues in Special Education, Child Growth and Development
  • Grades- All A's or B's


  • 2 children (Girl and Boy)
  • Married
  • Husband
  • Job: Special Education Teacher
  • Salary: $60,000
  • House: Brick Ranch
  • Pets: 1 dog (Maltese)
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