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Dublin Introduction

Come here or die of boredom. If you like pubs, bars and good food this is the place to go. And If your a history person we have a 13th century castle and imposing St. Patrick's Cathedral. founded in 1191. noisy, Grafton Street's traffic is so large only pedestrians can get through and it is the city’s principal shopping area, also famous for its street singers and musicians.

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Ireland's Currency

Ireland's currency is Euro Dollars. A Euro Dollar is like a regular dollar but a bit less. 1 dollar there is .89 instead of 1 dollar. 10 dollars in the US is 8.89 dollars in Ireland.
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Iransportation In Ireland

In Ireland they have a lot of ways to transport people. These are the main ways . The Irish rail is one way. Another is the bus Eireann . 3 more ways are, A taxi, the Luas, and the Dublin bus.

Annual Weather In Dublin

The average temp is around 60 degrees F. The lowest annual temp is 41 degrees F. Dublin usually gets around 80mm of rain.

Atractions In Dublin

#1 Guinness Storehouse. Located in the heart of the St James’s Gate Brewery is the guiness storehouse. Home to the black stuff since 1759, this massive seven-storey building, a former Guinness fermentation plant, has been remodelled into the shape of a giant pint of Guinness. A visit will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about this world famous beer.

#2 Dublin Zoo. See many rare and exotic animals living and roaming in a wide variety of natural habitats at Dublin Zoo. Wander through the African Savannah and gaze at the giraffes, zebras, scimitar oryx and ostrich, then head to the Kaziranga Forest to see the magnificent herd of Asian elephants that call this beautiful place home.

#3 National Aquatic Centre. AquaZone, at the National Aquatic Centre, is one of the most innovative water parks in Europe. A whole host of exciting features ensures that there is lots of family fun, thrills and something for everyone.

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Map Of Dublin

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