By Sam Z.

How to stay safe during an earthquake

  • Have a meeting place in case an earthquake happens
  • Have extra supplys like batterys,a tent,and flashlights
  • Drop,take cover,and hold on

How earthquakes affect the earth

  • earthquakes can damage buildings,roads,and cars which cost a lot of money to fix
  • Earthquakes can damage nature which can destroy flowers,trees,and animals

Facts about earthquakes

  • jarred the earth so strongly it caused fishing boats to sink in Louisiana
  • the ground trembles because the earth's surface is on the move
  • the crust is not one solid piece
  • shaking can cause windows to break,structures to collapse,fire,and other dangers

The history of earth

  • On June 28,1992,the most powerful quake to hit the U.S. in 40 years struck Landers California
  • the largest recorded earthquake happend in Chile on may 22,1960,it was a magnitude 9.5