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Heather Smith & Adriane Reinelt

May 6, 2016

Classroom Calendar

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Classroom Photo Album

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FreshGrade Digital Portfolio - Same post from last week.

I just discovered this amazing free app that compliments our Story of Learning Portfolios with a digital portfolio through FreshGrade. What is unique about FreshGrade portfolios is that Adriane and I will be able to upload, photos, videos, audio, and document links that provide additional evidence and feedback to your child's learning experience. FreshGrade gives parents a window into the classroom through a secure digital portfolio for your child. Capturing their learning as it happens, and tracking their progress. See more at: https://www.freshgrade.com/parents/our-products/#sthash.HVbg36Yf.dpuf

You should have received an email from me through FreshGrade inviting you to access your child's digital portfolio. Please check it out. I love that you, your child, and Adriane and I can provide comments specific to learning that encourages digital conversation.

Our class accessed their portfolios today and were so excited to see some learning artifacts. A few were even pleasantly surprised that their parents had already commented on their learning. This will be a great tool for capturing additional learning experiences in a unique way.

Thanks for your support!

Leader in Me- Habit 7 Sharpen the saw

This week, leaders attended our monthly leader in me assembly and learned the true meaning of sharpen the saw. Leaders need to find time for themselves, making sure they have a balance between mind, body, heart and soul.

Leaders also got into groups and made acrostic poems about respect that we plan to hang up around the school. We are reminded to focus on being respectful and finish strong for the rest of this 3rd grade year!

Leader in Me Home Learning Conversation:
Ask your leader how they will sharpen the saw and find balance in their life each day.

Math Fact April Progress - We're down to 4 weeks :) Keep practicing!!!

Math Fact Fluency Class Progress:

  • 62% of our mathematicians have mastered addition facts
  • 38% of our mathematicians have mastered subtraction facts and have moved on to mastering multiplication facts
  • 10% of our mathematicians have mastered multiplication facts and have moved on to mastering division facts

Math Fact Fluency - 100% by June

Continue to have your mathematician practice his/her basic facts for at least 10 minutes each night. Your child may practice facts in any one of the following ways:

  • card games - Each student was gifted a deck of cards and a card game book in December.
  • flashcards - Each student has been given his/her own set of triangle flashcards.
  • online games - Need suggestions, see our classroom website.
  • board games
  • etc...

Please refer to your child's Math Fact Progress Chart in his/her Story of Learning Portfolio to practice the appropriate operation. Your child should master addition first, followed by subtraction, and then multiplication.

It is expected that 3rd grade mathematicians master with 100% accuracy addition and subtraction basic facts by June. Mastery of multiplication facts is not expected in 3rd grade as multiplication is an introductory concept. Mastery of multiplication facts is a 4th grade expectation. However those students who have mastered addition and subtraction will work towards beginning mastery of multiplication facts.

Addition and subtraction fact progress is monitored through XtraMath.org and can be completed at home or at school. Your child's process can be viewed by logging on to XtraMath.org or by viewing the Math Fact Progress Chart in the portfolio.

Math - Graphing Data

We have been exploring graphing this week with data from our Academic Service Learning O.A.T.S. Project with our classroom donations of toilet paper and paper towel. We first calculated our donations and then explored ways to share this information in a graph. We discovered that much thought is needed to determine the numerical increments on the graph. Some of our partners used an increment of 4 while other partners used an increment of 5. We had amazing conversation comparing the similarities and differences between our graphs but discovered that from a far they look different however when examined closely they represent the exact same information.

Then we moved on to graphing our grade level donations from all four 3rd grade classrooms and discovered that we couldn't use the same kind of graph. We were excited to discovered that our grade level information would be created using a double bar graph. From this graph, we will be comparing the data from each classroom and make mathematical claims from our graphing evidence.

We will continue our graphing learning this week.

Math Home Learning Conversation: Have your mathematician share his/her learning about graphing.

Reading- Close Reading

Readers completed nonfiction close reading passages about recycling. Readers read each of these passages at least 2 times making sure to annotate and take notes on the important parts and sentences. After reading they answered questions that made them dig deep into the text for answers. Readers also compared and contrasted the text. We will continue to practice close reading because it is a very important skill for readers to master.

Readers are also striving to maintain their stamina at school and at home. We are continuing to practice to log what we are reading and we are making sure to be engaged in reading so we are ready for fourth grade. :)

Reading Home Learning Conversation: Ask your reader to evaluate how they believe they are doing with stamina. Have them compare how they were in the beginning of the year to how they are now?

Writing- Passion Project

Writers have finalized on research topics and we have begun to research! Topics range from the skeletal system to famous inventors. I am very proud that our writers have picked meaningful topics that challenge them. For our research, writers have began to look at books, magazines and online. We have been using kidrex.org as a database to search since it is kid friendly and a safe way for writers to research. We have just begun the research and note taking process but writers have a great start. I encourage writers to do some research at home as well if they have time and you allow them to get online.

Writing Home Learning Conversation: Ask your writer what their final topic is for their passion project and how their research is going so far.

Word Study

This week students played a game in their word study groups to practice their words. We had our test on Friday.

Word Study Home Learning Conversation: Ask your student to reflect on how their spelling has grown over this year.

Social Studies - Early Michigan People

We wrapped up our examination of Michigan Native Americans and culminated our learning into writing a personal journal entry as an Indian boy or girl that describes their life in Michigan.

Next week we are moving along our early Michigan timeline to explore the influence fur traders had among our Native Americans. Our historians will discovered this unique relationship and examine their struggles and successes.

Social Studies Home Learning Conversation: Ask your historian to share what he/she has learned about Michigan Indian tribes.

Camp Invention Summer Camp

This is a great summer camp. Click on the flier link below for more information.

Camp Invention flier