Tech Training - EASY Rubric Grading


Rubric Grading with Forms

Friday, Jan. 23rd, 8:30am-3:30pm

NCMS Media Center

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Grade the easy way AND provide better feedback!

Learn how to build a rubric in Google Forms, insert an auto grade formula, and submit emails to students all with the SUBMIT FORM button! This type of rubric is great to use to grade presentations, projects, quick daily feedback, discussions, etc.

This session will take most of the period. When you leave, you will be able to copy the set up and apply to all of your future rubrics.

You can practice with sample data, or BRING STUDENT DATA WITH YOU to set it up with your students for faster application. You can still come without the data, but you will eventually have to complete this step.

What to Bring to be able to implement faster:

Create a bare bones form exactly like the picture below and have all of your students complete the form. One form can be used with all of your classes. You will use the response data sheets to set up a feedback loop.

Big image

Form Settings

Make sure you have the following form settings below checked before sending out form for students to complete.
Big image