KCCC Youth Ministry

Fall 2020

Who We Are

We are a community saved by grace, transformed by the Gospel, and disciples of Christ.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus who grow together in truth, love, and depth and are sent out to glorify God in their homes, communities, and world.

Or, to sum it up in three words: MAKE, GROW, SEND

Our Vision

We aim to do this through building intentional and intimate relationships centered on our shared love of Christ and shared commitment to our mission, through the clear preaching and teaching of biblical truth, and through being living examples of the transformative power of the Gospel
Big picture

Focus Large Group - Fridays at 7:30pm

Focus is our weekly all-youth gathering that connects middle school students, high school students, and adult mentors as one body. Together, we grow deeper in our community through playing games, teaching biblical truths and the Gospel message, sharing lives, and spending time with one another.

Middle School Fellowship - Wednesday at 7:30pm

While we are prevented from gathering in person due to the pandemic, we continue to value community and fellowship. We hope to give students an opportunity to connect and meet, to share in their victories and their struggles, and to grow together in their relationships with both each other and with God.

High School Small Group - Wednesday at 8:30pm

Similarly, our Small Group on Wednesday gives our high school students a chance to gather, build accountability, and grow in their faith together. While we know that school and life can get messy and busy, we also believe that this is a crucial and necessary aspect of walking with God and with brothers and sisters. We welcome all high school students to join us!