Russia Newsletter Project

By Abby Green

Land of extreme climates

Siberia can only grow small plants.Tundra is a flat land that is found in subarctic and arctic regions. Taiga means forest area. In Taiga mostly evergreens like pines can live here. Some parts in Russia can get to 100 Fahrenheit and a lot of parts of Russia is below 0 Fahrenheit.

Siberian Lakes

How methane is released in the air is, first it is trapped in the permafrost. Then after that the lakes begin to thaw. Finally the methane gas goes in the atmosphere. Also methane is a green house gas. Permafrost means a permanently frozen ground.

Serfdom to Industria

Serfs didn't have much, they had very few rights too. About 50 years later there were low class people but not serfs. So V.L.Lenin wanted the low class and high class to have the same rights. So what V.L.Lenin did was he made a group called the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks began the Russian Revolution.