Civil Rights

Anise Butler

Civil Rights

a broad range privilege and rights guaranteed by the U.S constitution

Social Movement

large groups of individuals who focus on a specific political or social issue

Civil Disobedience

the refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes and fines as a peaceful form of political protest

De Jure Segregation

separation enforced by law


end of racial segregation


withdraw social relations as punishment or protest

Sit in

a form of protest in which demonstrators occupy a place refusing to leave until their demands are met

Nonviolence protect

trying to achieve goals such as social change without violence


the use of nonviolence direct action to and legal discrimination against African Americans


formed to give younger blacks more of a voice in the civil rights movement


civil rights organization

Little Rock 9

a group of black children who couldn't go to school because of the color of their skin

Black Panther

a militant political organization set up in the US to fight for black rights

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Rosa refuse to get out of her seat and started the boycott of bus segregation

March On Washington

one of the largest rallies for human rights

civil rights act

landmark piece of civil rights legislation in the US that outlawed discrimination

voting right act

it eliminated all things that traditionally restricted voting for blacks


agency of federal gov to interpret and enforce federal laws prohibiting discrimination

24 amendment

abolished the poll tax for all federal elections

Emmett Till

14 year old boy who was beat and killed for whistling at a white woman


political leader who fought for the rights of blacks

Malcolm X

a political leader that believed in a more violent fight

James Meredith

civil rights activist

George Wallace

american politician who resist integration

Stokely Carmichael

a Trinidadian american revolutionary

Earl Warren

American jurist and politician

Dwight D. Eisenhower

US general who supervised the invasion of Normandy

Lynden B. Johnson

36th president