by: Wilhelm Röntgen

Do you need to heal it fast well then with an x-ray you can find the problem fast and easy!
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Invention of X-rays

On November 8, 1895, in Germany the greatest invention was made by Wilhelm Röntgen. In November when Wilhelm Röntgen invented an X-ray, he took a tube similar to fluorescent light bulbs, removed all the air and filled it with a special gas. When he passed a high electric voltage through it, the tube gave off a fluorescent glow. Roentgen then covered the tube with heavy black paper and once again passed electricity through it and noticed a barium coated screen across the lab began to glow. This was important for them to figure out if you broke a bone or if there is something inside you causing pain.


The ad I choose to display was an x-ray. An x-ray was invented in Germany on November 8th 1895 by Wilhelm Röntgen. When he created it he took a tube that was similar to fluorescent light bulbs. He put a special gas into the tube and when electric volts went through the tube glowed. Then he covered the tube with a heavy black paper and noticed a barium coated screen across the lab began to glow.

This had a big effect back in the day and now. One effect back in the day was that if someone broke there arm the doctors didn't have to guess where they broke it. They have a x-ray machine to show where the injury happened. It still effects today because we still have x-ray machines but our are more high-tech today, but we still have the name and it still does basically the same technique.

I choose the repetition because I like how it can drill the word in your head and you won't forget it. Also I think it really helps to get what your advertising across to the consumer.