An Explorer comes in

By Prajit Dutta


An a explorer named Scott Tancy is going to come in and tell us about his inspiring adventure at the Australian Daintree Rainforest. He is a natural explorer and was well educated.He has discovered many things in the past so what new things did he find in the Daintree.We're just about to find out.


1.Have you discovered any plants or animals?

2.Did you find any native tribes living in the Daintree and if so did you learn their language?

3.How did survive in the Daintree?

4.What inspired you to become a rainforest explorer?

5.Why did you go to the Daintree rainforest?

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1. Unfortunately no but I got a close up of the animals and plants but on my way back out of the rain forest I found some ancient statues.The Statues looked rather particular , it seemed like it seemed farmilar to me , on the other hand I found a giant cassawariy bird that chased me two hours straight,it was rather amusing.

2.Yes there are still many native tribes still living in the Daintree and to be prasise there is eighteen and I have already learnt their language because of my past adventures in Australian rainforests. I spoke to the tribe about hoed they took care of the Daintree Rainforest. They told me that they only used what they needed

3.I survived by renting a hut in the Daintree and bring a lot of food but the food ran out on the third day so I had to go looking for food and then I found the tribe which thought me how to survive in the wild.It was really fun and I plan on going to the Daintree again.

4.What inspired me to become a rainforest explorer was that what interesting things rainforests have for example the beautiful landscape and the wonderful animals that love there.

5.What inspired me to go to the Daintree was that all the amazing animals and plants Australia has .The landscape of Australia is very rugged so it would be rough journey.


Well there you have it , the amazing explorer Scoot Tracy told us about his adventure in the beautiful Daintree Rainforest
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