Welcome back PK3.3

13th - 15th January 2016

We hope you all had a wonderfully relaxed and fun-filled break. The children arrived back with big smiles, filling our classroom with fun and contagious energy. It seems like everyone grew at least an inch over the holidays! I would like to extend a big welcome to all our families as we begin an exciting new semester in PK3.3 and an extra warm welcome to our new students, Emma Rubinoff and Loorna Alnuaimi . You can see below how well Emma has settled in already! We look forward to welcoming Loorna next week. Be sure to say 'Hi" if you see them.

This week we have been focusing on establishing our routines again after the long break. We talked about the different parts of the classroom, where we can put things to keep them safe, and the rules we follow to keep us safe when we are together at school.

Please make sure you read the "housekeeping " notes at the end of the newsletter. It contains important reminders, dates, etc. regarding PK3.3. Thank you!

Welcome Emma!

The Kissing Hand

We re-read a favorite book this week, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. A sweet tale of a raccoon's first days at school and how he overcomes his fears. You may have noticed the small red hearts the children had on their hands this week as a reminder!
The Kissing Hand read by Barbara Bain

What is Free-choice time?

Free-choice time is a block of time during which children have the freedom to initiate their own activities among the learning centers in a classroom.

During free-choice time, children learn many important life skills; space, balance, quantity, and cause and effect when they play with unit blocks. They learn how to use tools and count and measure at the sand or water table. They learn how to experiment with paint to make new colors, how to use a scale and magnifying glass to explore, observe and tell about things in the discovery center. Children's literacy skills develop as they converse, pretend, and problem solve.

Free-choice time give opportunities to practice essential life skills of how to make choices and plan their time. Children decide where they will play, with whom they will play, with what they will play, and for how long they will play in a particular center. They also learn and practice the rules that go along with the free-choice time.

Number tower building

What can you construct with straws and connectors?

Building walls for Humpty Dumpty

Team work and problem solving

Coming soon: Buildings!

We are already gearing up for our building study unit. More details to come next week.


Full day program recommences Monday 18th January 2016. Please remember to send in your child's blanket and pillow for nap time. If you would like your child to be considered for our full day program then please drop me an email and I will begin our observation process to assess if they are ready.

Any changes? Please let me know if you have changed any contact information; phone, email, address, emergeny contact details.

Snacks - please send a healthy snack and juice/milk/water with your child each day. We promote healthy eating habits so candy, donuts, potato chips, fast foods or other sugary treats should not be included. Thank you for your continued support.