By: Jeremy Lewis

Cause and Effect

Movies can show perseverance in many ways. They can show it when a character is faced with challenge and it causes them to have to get around it or persevere through the challenge. Like in the movie Rudy, Rudy ends up not getting into Notre Dame school but he works out a deal with a person ant a school nearby getting him two semesters at a nearby school to raise his grades causing him to try harder to get good grades. Going to that school causes him to end up making a friend who helped him in school and in return Rudy helped him with girls. All of that caused him to end up getting into Notre Dame. He gets his dream of playing football for them and he ends up setting an example for everyone who thought he couldn't do it. If he hadn't tried so hard he wouldn't have had that big effect on all those people.


Another of movies is the movie with the Jamaican bobsled team because they have a problem with getting into the Olympics because they don't make the Qualifying time for running so they get a past bobsled Olympian to help them learn to succeed in bobsledding. They end up having problems with making the qualifying time once they actually get on the ice. They have to practice a lot and the sled they have is in bad condition. They end up making the qualifying time so there solution worked and they went to the Olympics and but they didn't win but they were close.


Earthquakes cause perseverance. When a earthquake first hits you have to not panic and you have to persevere through the shock. After that you have to wait and ignore the shaking and just persevere trough it. After it you have to rebuild the city if it got damaged. Living trough a earthquake takes perseverance.


Fires can cause perseverance Because they cause adversity. When there is some adversity you can always have perseverance. When there is a fire it can be sad if you lose a family member. A fire is a dangerous disaster that can spread quickly and kill a lot. After a fire it can be hard because you probably lost a lot of stuff in the fire and then it will be hard without a house for maybe a day. You will most likely have to move to a different house which could be hard. Fires can cause some perseverance.
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