Stoping Air pollution

Cleaning our world, one step at a time

Get rid of non-environment friendly energy sources.

Our air is constantly being polluted from factories . We must get rid of these factories and turn to more environment friendly resources, we should not use coal and oil, but instead get our energy from wind mills or dams. My cause is simple, it is that we must stop air pollution.

Why stopping air pollution is important

Air pollution from coal burning power plants and other non friendly environment sources can really damage our earth and our lives. Air pollution causes global warming which results in the arctics melting and arctic animals dying because their habitats are being destroyed. Also children who are born in areas with high air pollution can be born with birth defects. Air pollution is blocking out the sky so we can not see the views of stars and galaxies.

Pros of stopping air pollution

When we stop air pollution, our world will slowly recover to its previous temperature and the polar ice caps will not melt. Also the sky would then become cleaner to provide great views of starts and distant galaxies.

Call to action

In order to prevent our dangerous future of melted polar ice caps, un-breathable air and other negative effects, we must get rid of our coal and natural gas burning power plants and start using eco-friendly energy resources.
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