Victor's Amazing News

V Freitas 7

Purpose of the potfolio

I wanted to make a portfolio because I wanted to express myself better. This portfolio will help me get experience for future assignments. I can see what I have done so far and improve. It can help me build my creativity and organization. My writing skills will also improve. The best part is that it's fun to make.

About me

I like to play sports, but my favorite sport is soccer. I want to learn how to play an electric guitar. Hard work is a part of my life since i was little. I like to watch comedy and action movies. My favorite type of music is rock. The best food for me is pizza.

Favorite quote #7

"If your life is on fire, warm yourself with it."

-Spanish Proverb

*This quote means that every person should try to be positive about life, even though bad things are happening.

Essay Reflection

My biggest mistake was that I didn't write all 4 paragraphs. However, I did like the fact that I could choose any award. My strengths were that I knew a lot about my topic. My weakness was that I couldn't distribute my reasons well.