MAY 2017

Principal's Corner

We are at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. This week students finish the final round of STAAR testing May 1-5. After much preparation through extensive tutoring both during and after school, we are looking for our students to have excellent scores. We have several award assemblies and celebrations scheduled to conclude the school year. Check the campus calendar for more information about events to come this month. Teachers are packing up to move to the new OHS campus which is currently scheduled to be ready for the fall classes. Thank you parents and community members for your on-going support as the district makes this transition.

Luis Garcia--Perfect Attendance Winner for Marking Period 5

Luis Garcia is a junior at Odem High School. OHS is very proud of his effort to be at school each day, excel in academics and participate in boys athletics. He will be awarded an award and a $35.00 gift certificate from Dairy Queen at the next OEISD School Board Meeting on May 15th.

Angela Thomas--Rock Star Teacher for Marking Period 5

Odem High School recognizes Mrs. Angela Thomas as our Rock Star Teacher for Marking Period 5.

Mrs. Thomas is a second year Art teacher who has fully embraced the district’s instructional strategies. A visit to her classroom is a delight. She has several samples of student work displayed on the walls of her room along with bulletin boards not only showing district instructional strategies but also her own examples and student examples of Blooms and the Frayer Model. Pictures of artists, academic vocabulary in a Word Wall, Exit Slip Folder at the door all point to her utilization of varied instructional methods. Lessons are very well designed to include numerous learning styles.

Mrs. Thomas utilizes real world examples, concrete examples, videos, and journaling to instruct and clarify concepts. Activities are aligned to instructional purposes that are varied and appropriate to the ability level of her students. Her lessons provide opportunities for students to connect to life experiences and personal interests. Real world examples are used to connect and provide relevance for assignments such as Screen Printing. Teacher discussed various uses and the improvements made over time, cross-curricular references to the Printing Press, and comparisons of using acrylic paint verses ink. Questions are planned in advance to address content and require students to elaborate beyond basic understanding. Use of probing questions to extend learning and increase rigor and use of randomness when calling on students keeps all students attentive and engaged.

Mrs. Thomas encourages her students to participate in various art competitions at local, district and national levels with plans to continue to build the Art Club in 2017. All students in the Art Club entered the K space Contemporary in Corpus Christi- Piñata Contest. Three students entered the Congressional Art Contest. Another 14 students entered the Made by Milk Carton construction contest. Art and Theatre Art students attended a reward trip to Rockport Beach for their hard work and dedication this year.

End of Course Tutorials Have Concluded

Students attending tutorials for the STAAR EOC tests were rewarded with several prizes such as DQ gift cards, Valentines treats, tablets, and a day trip to Rockport, TX. Thank you parents for supporting our efforts by encouraging your students to attend tutorials.

The Last Day of School is May 19th for Students Who Meet Requirements

The 2016-2017 Odem-Edroy ISD Calendar shows May 19th as the last day for students. Parents and students need to be aware that if students have not passed all classes or have excessive absences requiring make up hours, they are required to attend until May 31st. During those seven days, students will work on credit recovery for credits lost either due to grades or absences. Failure to attend during these days will result in students repeating courses next school year. OEISD will not have Summer School this year. Letters were mailed out on April 27th for students with make up hours or credit recovery for Marking Period 5. Additional absences will result in additional hours to make up. Students should complete credits and/or hours by attending after school tutorials from 3:45-4:45 Tu/Th and 8:00-12:00 on Saturday. If you have questions about your child's grades or attendance, please call the high school (361)368-3401, ext. 254.

Advanced Placement Parent Meeting

Wednesday, May 10th, 6pm

Odem High School Library

All students planning to take Pre AP or AP classes next year need to attend this meeting. Students will receive summer projects for PreAP classes. Students taking AP classes will receive the course syllabus. AP and Pre AP teachers will be available to discuss requirements for their course(s). Entrance requirements have changed and it is recommended that all parents and students attend the meeting to have the opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the classes

Upcoming Events:

  • May 9th--National Teacher's Day
  • May 10th--Senior Trip
  • May 10th--National Nurse's and Paraprofessional's Day
  • May 11th--OHS Band Concert-Old Gym-6:30 p.m.
  • May 16th--Seniors vs. Coaches
  • May 16th--Athletic Banquet
  • May 17th--Awards Assembly 9th, 10th, 11th grade @ 9:00 a.m.
  • Aim for Success Parent Meeting--May 17th @ 7:15 OHS cafetorium
  • May 18th--Senior Awards Ceremony @ 9:00 a.m.
  • May 18th--XTREME 1 Assemblies 1:00 girls, 2:10 boys
  • May 19th--Dodge Ball Tournament OJH/OHS
  • May 23rd--National Honors Society Induction @ 6:30
  • May 26th--GRADUATION
  • May 22nd--May 31st--Intercession Days
  • June 19th--June 23rd--STAAR EOC Retests

Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels, or believes.

~~ Emily Dickinson

Pre-Scheduling for 2017-2018 School Year

Parent/student meetings were held on April 21st and 24th. Students in grades 8-11 need to turn in their course selection paperwork to Mrs. Chavira at the high school counseling office.

2017 High School Graduation Ceremony

Friday, May 26th, 8pm

One Owl Square Stadium

Graduates should arrive at the OHS cafetorium no later than 6:30 p.m. A group picture will be taken by Strawbridge Photography at 6:45. Graduates should dress for the occasion in their Sunday best. Expecting a great future for all 2017 Graduates!