Physical change

By Sean McGory and Juliana Borzumato

Changing color

We used red, yellow and blue food coloring to change the color of the water but not its identity. This is a physical change because we changed its color but nots it original identity clear water.

Procedure to create colored water

Step 1. Get 3 cups.

Step 2. Pour water in to them.

Step 3. Get red, yellow and blue food coloring.

Step 4. Pure yellow food coloring in 2 cups and red food coloring in 1 cup

Step 5. Then put a drop of red food coloring in one yellow cup. Then mix

Step 6. Put a drop of blue food coloring in the other yellow cup. Then mix

Step 7. Last put another drop of blue in the red cup. Then mix

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How it's a physical change

It's a physical change because one rule for a physical change is sometimes changes in color because one characteristic is that we mixed colors to get a new color.