Maria Siemonow For President

Born in 1950 - Present, Born in Poland

Significant Event

When Maria got a her medical research published and approved, this was a significant event for her because it was one of the last things she needed to go to her internship in Kentucky with a renowned hand surgeon

Traits that make Maria Siemionow a good president

Maria Siemionow has been a medical master mind, she embodies many things. She is a selfless women who puts the people or patient first it is her job. She did this while she stayed in the U.S by working the ER and constantly taking care of the injured. She is also persistent and doesn't stop until something is complete shown in her research late into the night experimenting with surgery.

Interesting fact about Maria

When Maria was doing a medical swap in Spain her and her friends would get a car and drive through the mountains and small villages on her limited spare time.