Peer to Peer and Client Based

What are they and what do they do?

Peer to Peer Networks

Peer to peer networks can be set up within the home, a business, or over the Internet. Each network type requires all computers in the network to use the same or a compatible program to connect to each other and access files and other resources found on the other computer. Peer to peer networks can be used for sharing content such as audio, video, data, or anything in digital format. More common the peer to peer networks are now wireless which includes a wireless router. This has become more popular in home, as they are used so it allows different members of the family to use their computer device connected to the internet from different rooms, without leads and ethernet cables, just by using a wireless adaptor.
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Client Based Network

In a big businesses or organzations the network being used is more likely to be server based than peer to peer. The server is always very powerful, usually built to a high specification, using good quality components because it forms the basis of the entire network. a client based network, there is one main server that controls the file server. as shown in the picture, the main server is in the middle, and is posting the information to the other computers.
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