snap caps


meet the maker

Maddie Bradshaw a young little girl from Texas is the inventor of snap caps. A beautiful work of art that she is proud to call hers. What inspired her to create these was that she couldn't find any nice magnets to decorate her locker so she gathered some caps and painted the inside how ever she wanted. Eventfully her invention grew and she started making these into bracelets and necklaces and magnets she gave some to her friend and she started to sell them and make a bit of pocket money and now she's a millionaire.

problems with the prodect

Maddie ran into some problems along the way. She couldn't find magnets for her locker which inspired her, she had to find the bottle caps and she had to find out what others like so they would like the product when she gave it to them.

family and prodeuct

did you know that maddie painted a pictuer of albert instine inside of one

wy the invention is useful

these are importan because they show her and others iner beautie,they helped her raise some monuy for collage, makes people happy and allows them to decorat them selves with things they like.