By Arora Perry

Progeria Symptoms

When you have Progeria, you will most likely look like the girl on the right. She had Progeria. Her name was Hayley Okines. She lost her hair, had aged-looking skin, a pinched nose, and she had a small face & jaw compared to the original size of her head. She was one of the millions of children that suffered from this disorder.

About Progeria

  1. Children are the most likely to get this disorder.
  2. 4 Million newborns worldwide have been diagnosed with Progeria
  3. The average age of Progeria patients is from being a newborn to 13 years of age
  4. Progeria is one of the most common disorders for children under the age of 14

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What is Progeria?

Progeria is a disorder that people can get when they are born by being passed on by a family member, most likely a parent. Progeria mostly effects children. It can effect kids over 13 years of age, although ages 1-13 are mostly effected by this disorder.