Skills Training for Young Athletes

Declan Handwerker

A little about Myself

My name is Declan Handwerker, I am 12 years old, and have been playing Roadrunners Football for 5 seasons. I have played a number of positions including, running back, reciever and linebacker. The majority of my time has been speant playing quarterback.

During the off season I have had the opportunity to play on additional teams and leagues. I have played in several 7 on 7 teams traveling throughout Southern California and to Las Vegas. In addition I have attended Camps locally such as YAC and QBR (Quarter Back and Receiver Camp) located at Cal Lutheran. Unfortunately in Spring I started to experience Painful knee pain that came and went. I had been diagnosed with osgoodshlotters, a disease that haunts many athletes between the ages of 12-15.

I have devoted this season to helping young athletes with footwork,agility,and speed training. I have gone to a number of camps that Finally I was told I would not be able to play this season, I have been forced to stay on the sideline while my knees catch up with the rest of my body.

I have devoted this season to passing the skills I have obtained through the camps I have attended to helping young athletes. I am focusing on working with each player with footwork, agility,and speed training. I cant wait to hopefully work with many of you.

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Prevention and

Stretch your quadriceps. Once the acute knee pain has settled down, start doing some quadriceps stretching. One of the causes of OSD is repetitive quadriceps contractions (from too much jumping, for example) and also overly tight quadricep tendons. As such, learning how to stretch this muscle group may help reduce the tension and inflammation in the area where the kneecap's tendon attaches to the upper shinbone (tibia).[11]

  • To stretch your quadriceps while standing, flex your afflicted knee such that your heel approximates your buttocks. Grab the front part of your ankle and pull until you feel a nice stretch in your lower thigh and knee. Hold for about 30 seconds and repeat 3-5x daily until you notice reduced symptoms.
  • Stretches for the hamstrings, which are also commonly tight, may also be performed. Bending over at the waste and trying to touch your toes is a good basic hamstring stretch.


For these 1 on 1 trainings I charge 25 dollars for two sessions a week. Each session is 1:30 long and any time will work for me. Each session will be held at Pits Ranch Park in Camarillo.