felicia newton

shoot 4 the moon, even if u miss you'll land upon the stars

something you did yesterday

Yesterday I basically spent my whole day with my family. Once my parents got off we went to my grandparents house and listened to my pawpaws jukebox, then when we left there we went to eat supper at Gary's. After we left Gary's I drove home and watched tv and went to sleep.

something you do well

I don't really have a lot of qualities that I'm great at ,but if I had to choose one it would be that I've played softball ever since I was 3 and I'm real good at it. I've been holding a softball and a bat for as long as I could remember. I still remember the first home run I ever hit, I was so proud of myself to hear the crowd roaring, teammates cheering, and my heart racing, for I have done it,my first home run ever.

something about your childhood

Something from my childhood that I remember is that when I was little my brother was trying to help me open my christmas present and I slapped him and pushed him away. To be honest I don't know why I did that but I guess I didn't want anyone to help me open my gift. I was a little sassy pants when I was little I guess, wanted everything my way, to do it all by myself, and I thought I was the queen of the house.

something that u learned last week

Something I learned last week is to never drive with my mom in the car because she was yelling at me the whole time thinking I was going to fast, but really i was going the speed limit. I mean she always finds something wrong with my driving when its perfectly fine. My mom sometimes gets a little too dramatic when it comes to her children driving her around. My dad always tells her and I that i drive great but she sits in the back, and my dad said it looked scary from back there.

something you can't live without

something you love to watch and listen to

Something I love to listen to is my country music, thats all my family really listens too because thats what they grew up listening to and it's a lot better than all that other junk out there now a days. I mean I love to listen to some pop songs but my true love is in county music. The kind of shows I love to watch is something scary movies, I love to watch scary movies all day, everyday. I also grew up watching them all my life, my favorite would probably have to Chucky the killer doll or Freddy Kruger. Something about them gives me the chills that I love to have while watching scary movies.

something u hate

Something that really gets under my skin would probably have to be bullying. I can't stand it, I've been picked on a lot in my life because I've been a little bigger than the other girls at school. People judge people before even getting to know them in todays world. To my opinion people should get to know them before setting there mind to "oh that girl is emo lets ignore her and talk crap about her" its not fair to her, or anyone who gets treated like that. So stand up for the people who get bullied, see how u can change there frown to a smile in a second.