Criminal and Family Attorney

Interview with Dawn Roberts, Owner of The Roberts Lawfirm


Dawn has been an attorney 11 years, worked under someone for two years and owned a business for nine years. In order to get her degree, Dawn went to Dallas Baptist University and Texas Wesleyan School of Law. She got her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and then continued in law school for three more years to get her Juris Doctor Degree (J.S.). To get into law school, taking the LSAT was required. Upon completing law school, taking the Bar Exam was expected in order to become a licensed attorney.

Most Interesting Projects

While working in the criminal field, Dawn represented a woman who had been scalped by her husband. There was no exuberant cause for this, other than the fact that he was angry during an argument. The man was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon, although the man never received lawful punishment because she decided to drop the charges. However, if the charges were not dropped, the husband would have faced possibly five years in prison.
Also, Dawn once represented a woman in a criminal case where her husband abused her. The client was told to get a protective order, although she refused because she already owed money and was too proud to ask for money to pay for a protective order. When the woman decided to file for divorce, she wanted to deliver the paper to her husband herself, rather than having someone else so it. After giving him the paper, she was in her car and he shot her. He then decided to get into his own car, and got pulled over for speeding. Upon pulling over, the man shot himself.