Heroes approach success: Passion

passion perseverance can lead to great things and dreams

Two heroes...one dream

There is no length to becoming a hero, there is no limit of when you have to stop. Heroes have many different qualities no matter what the style of sport is. Olympic heroes need a lot of characteristics to achieve there goals. Speaking personally, hard work, courage, bravery, and most of all passion for the game are all of the main characteristics an Olympian needs. For example, Olympian Oscar Pisistratus shows all these things in his running career. There are also other heroes like writers, artists, and singers. Writers need smartness, courage, the desire to share there thoughts, and passion too. For example, writer John Mathew also shows all these qualities in his writing career for publishing books. Oscar Pisistratus and John Mathew both show similar characteristics but differ at the same time.

Both these heroes both show similar characteristics and similar life styles. Oscar Pisistratus was a very fast and had well endurance and needed physical health but also mental health to achieve his goals of getting gold medals, John Mathews also needed mental health to describe his thoughts and show the world what he was really thinking. Also, they both had courage and bravery to persevere to becoming a hero with the support and help of there family and friends who where really close with them. This shows Oscar Pisistratus and John Mathews are similar in many ways.

Oscar Pisistratus and john Mathews are different in many ways. Oscar persevered through working out and gaining strength and abs to have the ability to run faster than never before and do it for a long period of a time while John had to do excellent in language arts and writing to develop a well written book with descriptive detail and information about history and fiction books to pursuance people to read his books. Also, Oscar faces injuries that could effect his body permanency and his whole career while if John messed up he will only face stress and hardships through memory and his brain. Oscar Pisistratus and John Mathews are very different in many ways.

John and Oscar were both heroes in with passion for something and persevered through it. These heroes learned that giving up on yourself is not an option and Hard work and something your inspired by could lead you the way. Passion is very important in life and is needed to become a hero like Oscar and John.

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Overwhelmed gymnastics olympian wants to quit

Gabby Douglas is one of the best women's gymnastics gold medalist in history. Everybody knew her for the talent and passion she had for gymnastics and the world. She can flip and turn like nobody else in the world and can do amazing moves and things. She is truly one of the best and inspires people about life and things that could help you in life.

One thing about Gabby herself that really bothered her and people before she joined the Olympics was she wanted to quit and give up. She was so homesick and stressed out, she wanted to quit and go back home to Virginia were she came from, but something turned her around and motivated her to get back up.

Gabby's mom, coach, sister, and family all told gabby to keep fighting and persevere through her achievements when the Olympics was right around the corner. They told Gabby to follow her dreams and become what she wanted to become without letting herself down. Her brother josh affected her the most because he wouldn't let her put herself down and showed her the true passion she had for gymnastics and her dreams to get Olympic gold medals.

She went back to the gym the next day and was on fire. She was determined to get back up and give a full 100%. After being determined to go for it all, she got her first gold medal in the women gymnastics individual all around competition and used passion to stay in the game and keep winning medals. Finally, she became one of the best and a true hero.

Gabby Douglas couldn't become an Olympian by herself. She needed the help of her family and support from others to have passion and persevere her goals and achievements. Definitely, you have to keep pushing, even though you get sick of something and have injuries mentally and physically. Never give up and don't let the worst get the best of you.

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How to become an Olympic gold medalist?

What would it take for people to achieve there goals? What characteristics fit with you best? Well Olympians need passion to achieve there goals and have fun. A child needs to know what it takes to grow up and be an athlete with a mind set that you could do anything and overcome anything. Well here is how you do it.

First thing you need to do to become an Olympian is to start young with passion for the sport and not any hardships you may have faced in the past. It would be hard to imagine an Olympic gold medalist who did not love their sport. Without passion at a young age, an Olympian would not endure the many hours of very intense training and a lifetime dedication if there is no major injuries.

Next thing you have to do is have an active life commitment with a healthy body and lot of strength. Just to become an Olympian, you need to make a commitment to spend most of your days training and preparing throughout your active life dedicated to the sport you desire. This means the sport takes priority over everything else in your life except friends,school, and most of all your family.

Most of all you need to have unwavering family support. The never ending practices, competitions, and even final commitment are very taxing on the family. The emotional toll that comes with injuries, defeats, and hardships that in the end strength of the athlete. You need love and support to keep going and persevere.

Finally you need hard work. At the end of the day, hard work speaks the loudest. There is no getting out of working everyday towards your goals. Everyday you build up muscle, strength, and other things which all leads down to following your dreams with passion for the sport.

Becoming an Olympic gold medalist is very challenging and hard. Hardworking and passion could help you persevere to your goals and get there where you want to go. Hard work beats success when achieving something big.

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The one who survived , and effected the world and surfers

Have you ever surfed and feared something was going to happen to you, like a shark attack? Well, Bethany Hamilton a professional surfer one day and lost her arm to a shark after a tragic accident. She luckily survived and made it out with a ton of help but still lost her right arm and was very feared and stressed out.

The cause of this situation was very sad and severe but Bethany Hamilton believed in god and wouldn't give up and this effected her to persevere becoming a surfer with one arm and one heart. She was able to do it and became inspired by people even though it was the toughest thing in her life recovering with one arm. She took this and became a better person with her family and friends help and support.

Another effect on this cause was she was inspired by people and motivated them to not be afraid of anything when surfing or in the water. This tragic accident did not only scare people but showed them that they could be strong and fight through it no matter how much fear lied ahead. These accidents are very rare and wouldn't let people stop surfing.

Bethany had a lot of passion for surfing and persevered through it even with a bad accident. Don't look down, Never give up, and follow your dreams because you never know what you could get out of it or become someone better and stronger.

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Career for Sports

Sports are physical and mental activities that require passion and hard work through a long period of time. Its not just a game, its resolving with teammates to come together and win and have fun. You have to put in effort and have the desire to work everyday with the support of people close to you and your family.

Hot to become a professional athlete?

To do sports, you have to be healthy and physically ready. Starting young and progressing till you get older is one way to start. You have to be really strong and fast for most sports like football, soccer, and hockey. Mastering something you have to do to become good is another way because it will allow you to do things other people can't.

Money for the athletes?

The major leagues, or highest league in most sports requires s lot of skill but is worth it. Professional athletes daily average a year for money is around 5 million dollars if you are good. People have to like you and accept you on teams. The amount of money you get in sports allows you to quit early and still have a life to move on too or grow from. Sports is one of the top jobs you get paid in.

Physical Sports and Mental sports

Sports like hockey, soccer, football, baseball, and sometimes swimming are all the types of physical sports were athletes have more strength and abs over a better mindset than other athletes. These players are very strong and fast and could do things other people who play sports. These players are known in history for amazing things they have done. Sports like golf, dance, and chess are more of mental sports that need thinking and understanding to win the game. Strategy is one of the key things to winning mental sports.

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