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2016 Spring Semester

It's time for our Spring semester to begin! Our first meeting will be held on January 22. We are excited to group together again and share, laugh and grow together as moms, individuals, friends and community members. In order to have a truly meaningful year, we will need the help of every lady in MOPS. Each table is assigned 1 setup, 1 cleanup, 1 Moppets breakfast, and 1 duplicate (setup, cleanup, Moppets breakfast). Our Spring tables will remain the same from our Fall semester. Please let us know if you have any questions or wish to change your table assignment.


Set up will be held on Thursday evening before each MOPs meeting. Each table will be assigned to a week in which they are to prepare the church.

Set up will be held at 9:00pm. We realize that this is a late set up time, but this is the time allotted to us by the church. It also best ensures that people can make it after work, after kids are asleep and after spouses have returned home from work. We understand that it is difficult to get away from your family, especially during the week, but everyone’s participation and help is crucial in getting the meetings set up and having our MOPS group run successfully. We will meet at BLK Burger (or another local restaurant of each table’s choosing) before each setup for a little Mom’s Night Out/Table bonding, so be sure to join us for that as well!

A mom can send a spouse/partner to set up in her place. Please communicate this to your table leader. If you cannot attend please find a replacement to attend! Your table will greatly appreciate all the help during setup. (You can post for help on our Facebook page if you need to trade dates). Your table leader will lead you through set up with my assistance.

Set Up Schedule: (Table Color/Table Leader)

January 22: Pink/Kelly

February 5: Blue/Stephanie

February 19: Yellow/Jenny

March 4: Red/Liz

March 18: Green/Tammy

April 8: Black/Christine

April 22 (Tea & Testimony): Yellow/Jenny

May 6: Pink/Kelly


Each meeting fellowship will take place from 9:15am until 9:30am. This is an opportunity for moms to get to know their tablemates as well as connect with moms at other tables. You are welcome to drop your little ones in Moppets at 9:15.

The Gift of Breakfast

Breakfast will be partially buffet and partially based at each table. Each table will be responsible for bringing one hot food item to contribute to the buffet at each meeting. The hot food item should serve at least 12 people. There will be a prize for the best dish at each meeting, so bring your best! Each table will also provide fruit for itself as well as any other dish your table would like to have (i.e., yogurt, granola, muffins, bagels…). The table leader will work with her table members to share the work of bringing food for both the buffet and the table each week.

Each table will have also be responsible for bringing breakfast breads for the Moppet Care providers. This is a donation that each table makes to show our appreciation for the wonderful care that these ladies provide our little ones.

Moppet Care Provider Breakfast: (Table Color)

January 22: Green

February 5: Black

February 19: Pink

March 4: Blue

March 18: Yellow

April 8: Red

April 22 (Tea & Testimony): Green

May 6: Red

Clean Up

Clean up is immediately following each MOPs meeting. There will be one table assigned each week to ensure that clean up is complete and the church is put back in order, but if every woman can stay after each meeting and help, clean up will go much quicker!

Clean Up Schedule: (Table Color)

January 22: Black

February 5: Pink

February 19: Blue

March 4: Yellow

March 18: Red

April 8: Green

April 22 (Tea & Testimony): Blue

May 6: Black

Please feel free to contact your table leader or myself with questions, concerns or suggestions. I'm excited to reconnect with you all during our Spring MOPS semester!