Roman vs. U.S Idea of Citizenship

Law and Justice

Rights of people in Rome

Men had rights

Freedmen had limited rights
Women had little to no rights

Slaves had no rights

Citizenship didn't belong to all people

Roman laws

Laws were written so no questions would be asked

Children from Rome

It is different because in Rome your parents have to be freedmen and women to be a full Roman citizens and here as long as your born here not including your parents your a full American citizen.

Punishments for Roman people



-Banishment-leave Rome



-If you kill father they drown you in a river

-Slaves were crucified, beaten, or harder worker

Rights of people in the U.S.

Able to vote

Government officials

Own property

Go to court

Children from U.S

You are born with citizenship if you were born here whether your parents are citizenship or not

U.S. Punishments