Bora Bora and Barbados Islands

Two beautiful islands to visit on vacation

Bora Bora Island

It is part of French Polynesia that was claimed in 1843. It has a tropical climate with some rainfall during the summer months. The best time to go visit is from May to October when trade wind cool the island. Its name means "first born". Its coordinates are 16.4944 south and 151.7364 west. It is a rich, green, mountinous area that is surrounded by coral reefs. The people there speak French and Tahitian.

Barbados Island

Barbados Island

The island was claimed by the british from 1625 to 1966. During the 17th century there were numerous slave rebellions but, none of them were successful. By the end of the 18th century most of the whites left and most of the population were black. In 1807 the british abolished the slave trade and there was misery. In 1816 20,000 revolted which was the largest revollution on the island. After slavery ended decendents emacipated slaves pushed for rights. When the island got its independence in 1966 it became a self-governing colony. Today the island get a lot of its money from tourism and manufacturing.
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