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All Positive - All Athletics - All Eagles - Nov./Dec. 2022

A Message From The Athletic Director

As athletic director, it is amazing to me to see the flawless transition from one season to the next. We have many athletes that play multiple sports, which means leaving one coach behind and joining a new one along with training their bodies in a completely different way. The fact our student athletes do this all while keeping their grades up and staying positive with their peers is always fun to watch. This edition wraps up the fall season and introduces you to the winter teams/coaches as all of them have started and are in full swing. Good luck to all of our athletes, parents, and coaches!

I did want to give a special shout out to Chris Duncan and Reagan Boulis who helped me set up the stadium every day this fall when we hosted events. Rain or shine they were out there and did a tremendous job setting the field up.

Please take some time off the next few weeks to enjoy your family, friends, and some time to yourself. Athletics are important, but so is time to rest your body and rejuvenate for the long hall. When we return, it will be 100mph until June. Happy Holidays!


Lance Belill

Eagles Giving Back - Community Service Project

The girls cross country team spread positivity and joy to the community by chalking inspirational messages the the pathway near campus. The team uses the pathway almost every practice, so they were happy to motivate and inspire members of the community who are out exercising or enjoying the outdoors.

A Message From Our Varsity Football Coach - Coach Williams

As the Fall season ends and winter season kicks off, I wanted to take a

moment to reflect on this past year and then also look to the future.

First and foremost, I want to express how proud I am of our boys at each level. The amount of growth and development I’ve seen not just as football players, but as people is something that is really motivating for myself and my staff.

Reflecting on this year can be summarized in a few words - Swing The

Hammer -

“When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at

his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at

the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that

did it, but all that had gone before.”

Overcoming adversity and continuing a relentless pursuit of excellence is

something Linden Football will continue to do. I look forward to seeing the growth

that takes place this offseason both from our athletes, as well as our staff.

In the near future, I will begin sending out information in conjunction with Coach

Cox on our S&C schedule.

Enjoy the Holidays! I am excited to get back to work with our boys and building

on the foundation that has been laid!

#ArdeNavele #STH

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Unified Basketball

A message from Mrs. Yankley - "Our first Linden Unified Basketball game was played on December 9th at halftime of the boys varsity game. This non-scoring contest was a scrimmage between the 9-12 grade students with special needs from Cheryl Heiss's and Dawn Yankley's CI program. The students practice two days a week with Athletic Director Lance Belill and Assistant Coach Randy Duncan. The players were supported by students from the high school Peer 2 Peer group. It was an emotional game with everyone making a basket. The most exciting play was near the end of the game. Seconds before the buzzer, David Hajciar tossed the ball from just inside half court. The crowd held their breath and the ball hit the rim twice and went in with the crowd erupting in excitement. Consider attending a unified basketball game during the season. The tentative schedule is as follows: January 20, February 3,and 10 at Linden High School, and February 17 at Fenton High School."
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Kiwanis Athlete of the Month - Bryce Eluik

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Cross Country - State Finals

The boys cross country team finished 15th at the state finals. This was another excellent performance to cap off a great season. It also continues an incredible track record of team qualifications by the boys team who have qualified as a team 15 of the past 16 seasons. Kyle Eberhard had a standout performance by finishing 7th in the state earning him all-state honors for the second straight year!

The girls finished 26th in the state. Also a great cap to their season after narrowly missing team qualification in 2021. When you consider these placings are out of 150 teams in the state (Division 2) it puts into perspective just how good they did!

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Current Records

Boys Varsity Basketball - 1-2

Boys JV Basketball - 2-2

Boys Freshman Basketball - 4-0

Girls Varsity Basketball - 4-1

Girls JV Basketball - 1-4

Competitive Cheer - N/A

LHS Bowling - 0-3

Ski - N/A

Hockey - 4-5

Gymnastics - 0-1

Wrestling - 2-1

8th grade Boys Basketball - N/A

7th Grade Boys Basektball - N/A

LMS Competitive Cheer - N/A

Linden Athletics Winter Coaches

LHS Varsity Boys Basketball - Matt Christensen -

LHS JV Boys Basketball - Brenden Miller -

LHS Freshman Boys Basketball - Brett Howell

LHS Girls Varsity Basketball - Brian Klein -

LHS Girls JV Basketball - Jasia Caldwell -

LHS Varsity Comp Cheer - Sydnie Graham

LHS JV Comp Cheer - Koryna Ceja -

LHS Bowling - Tina Bond -

FHS/LHS/ Boys Ski (Co-Op) Fenton Lead - Tim Hiscock -

FHS/LHS/ Boys Hockey (Co-Op) Fenton Lead - Jason Warda -

LHS Gymnastics (Co-Op) LFLF Linden Lead - Nancy Holden -

LHS Wrestling - Derek Peterson -

LHS Wrestling - CC Weber -

LMS 8th Grade Boys Basketball - Eli Beil -

LMS 7th Grade Boys Basketball - Brent Rogers -

LMS Comp Cheer - Savana Ronald -

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