Harvest - Dismissal

Please Follow These Simple Rules

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Dear parents,

To aid in the safety of all our students, we need for you to please wait AWAY from the building near the flagpole and out from under the front canopy. Our Young 5's/Kindergarten & 1st-grade teachers need to be able to bring students who are being picked up out the center entrance and around the wind barriers so they can account for every child and safely match children with their family member.

When adults crowd the entrance, it makes it difficult for our students to exit, following the exit of our youngest learners our second and third-grade students exit and need to make their way to the family member or the pick-up loop.

Also, our staff will be bringing long lines of students out these same doors to make their way to the bus. When adults block the exit area, our students can "loose" their line and may be confused as to which bus they are to get on. Our students are just learning the end of the day procedures, where they need to go, what bus they ride, etc. We need your help to keep every one of our children safe.

Thank you, in advance, for all of your help! It takes a village, and you are a great village!


Betty Rosen-Leacher, Principal