The Great Depression: United States

By: Joanna G

Did the United States start new programs?

Yes, new programs were started in the U.S. to, obviously, help people out. According to “Among the programs and institutions of the New Deal that aided in recovery from the Great Depression were the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which built dams and hydroelectric projects to control flooding and provide electric power to the impoverished Tennessee Valley region of the South….” There were also medical expense aids and things like soup kitchens were set up to give people, to poor to buy their own, a decent meal.

Did the United States choose a different leadership?

The United States didn't choose new leadership, they actually allowed Franklin D. Roosevelt to stay in office for over 2 terms. He died during his unprecedented fourth term.

Did the United States move from capitalism to another economic system?

The United States stuck to capitalism even though it was failing. During the stock market crash "American Capitalism had never endured such a profound or long lasting market failure before".