Juan Peron

Analyzed by: James McGuire

Personal Biography of Juan Peron

Juan Domingo Peron lived from October 8, 1895 to July 1, 1974. Early in his life he came from a modest house. At 16 he joined military school as he was tall and athletic. Juan was an Argentine military officer and politician. He served in several government positions including Minister of Labour and Vice President of the Republic, and elected as President of Argentina three times. He served as president from June 1946 to September 1955, when he was overthrown and assassinated in July 1974. During his first presidential term (1946–1952), Peron was supported by his second wife, Eva Duarte, and the two were very popular among many Argentines. Eva died in 1952, and Peron was elected to a second term, serving from 1952 until 1955. During the following period of two military dictatorships there was great rebellion in within and Peron was exiled. When the left-wing Peronist Hector Campora was elected President in 1973, Peron returned to Argentina and was soon after elected President for a third time. His third wife Maria Estela Martinez was elected as Vice President on his ticket and succeeded him as President upon his death in 1974. Although they are still controversial figures, Juan and Evita Perón are still considered icons by the Peronists. The Perons' followers praised their efforts to eliminate poverty and encourage hard work. Others believed Peron was a cruel and useless dictator. The Perons gave their name to the political movement known as Peronism, which today in Argentina is represented mainly by the Justicialist Party

Dictatorial Qualities Presented

In the pictures above, Peron presents as a human above the rest. He appears to be friendly and very likable. His smile in the middle pictures strikes me as someone who is easy to get along with and seems to be very sensible. In the third picture Juan is on something that makes him taller, making him look stronger. Also he is dressed to impress and shows the people who's in charge and will protect them.

Journal Entry

Dear Journal,

After being exiled from the country in 1955, I am finally able to join back into the government of Argentina. This is all because of my left-wing friend Hector Campora who helped me seal another spot in the government. He sees how I see what Argentina could be as he has Peronist ideals as well. I'm hoping and praying this when Hector is complete with his presedential term that I will be able to step in and earn my third term as president.

Essential Question: How did Juan Peron have a large impact on Argentina and ability to control the people?