Kootenay National Park

British Columbia

The Physical Features

One of the physical features in Kootenay National Park is Glacier-clad peals. Another won is Mountians. There is also Grass lands but there is many more.

The wild life

Some of the wild life in Kootenay national Park is Bears, Wolfs, Moose, Deer, fish, and coyotes. As you know there is a lot more animals in Kootenay National Park.

The Vegetation/plants

Some of the kootenay National Parks vegetation is cactus. Another vegitation is wheat grass. Ponderosa is another vegetation in Kootenay National Park.

Tourist facilities or things to do there

You could go to the Radium Hot Springs which is a naturally heated hot pool in the Sinclair Canyon. Another thing you could see there is the Numa Falls. You can walk over a massive waterfall on the Vermillion River.