Mississippi River & The Great Lakes

Their Effect on the Central Region's Economy

We think ...

... the Mississippi River and the The Great Lakes affect our fishing, farming, shipping, and tourism because of the numerous waterways and attractions.

Tourism on the Mississippi River

  • The Mississippi gulf coast.
  • The Gate Way Arch.
  • The Mississippi river and the dams located on it.
  • Mississippi river museums.

Great lakes Economy

  • The Ice Caves come every 10 years .
  • The Grand Haven Lighthouse has many celebrations that include many people that help out.
  • Dead Horse Bay is in the middle of Lake Huron witch brings tourist.


  • Fruit farming is very important it is part of our health.
  • Cotton farming gives us soft clean clothing.
  • The great lakes have rich soil soy they are most likely to grow tobacco, cotton, and soybeans.


  • The Mississippi ships goods around the world


Shipping, tourism, farming, and fishing are a big part of economy in the central region. We learned that it's a big part of our region and we need to keep the environment clean.

By: Aiden H. Sadie P. Austin S.