Superintendent's Report

March 2023

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On the HUNT!

The students in Mrs. Bosco's class participated in a friendly competition scavenger hunt to find all the multiples to aid in the recall of multiplication facts.

Second Grade Polar Bears

Mrs. Planer introduced the students to guided drawing. The class used a guided drawing video clip to practice the steps for drawing a polar bear. Then the students drew their best polar bear on final draft paper and went over it with a black oil pastel. Mrs. Planer modeled how to smudge the oil pastel to create shadows and texture. The students then smudged their pastels. Lastly, the teacher modeled how to create a winter sky using blue and purple watercolors and white oil pastel for snow (optional). The students carefully painted their own sky backgrounds.

Sixth Grade Pointillism

Mrs. Planer introduced the art of pointillism and explained the process of creating an image with dots. The class watched a time lapse video showing pointillism and we read about Georges Seurat, one of the pioneers of pointillism. Next, Mrs. Planer modeled how to create an image out of small dots (no lines, or filled in shapes). She modeled how to press the tip of the marker lightly on the paper to form small dots of color. Students then created a very light sketch of their image or object. After the sketch, students began making dots with thin markers to bring their image to life.

Game on!

Engagement and participation in middle school math classes is enhanced through some game play. We use the following throughout the year.

Math lottery - encourages students to participate by asking and answering questions and participating in discussions. When a student participates their name is put in a box on our math lottery board (1-100). There is always one going for each grade level. Once all 100 boxes are filled in we hold a lottery. Ms. McGuire uses a random number generator to choose 5 winners who receive +5 points on a graded assignment.

Scrabble - Most Epic Word - when students are doing independent practice she has them come up once they have completed their assignment to receive their scrabble pieces. Then at the end of class they spend 2 minutes putting together their most epic math word out of their scrabble tiles. She chose an epic winner.

Connect Four- Used as a whole class practice. We use a digital google slide board projected on the class screen and teams take turns answering questions and moving their team pieces on the board. Each team has a different color piece.

Pointball - used for review before a quiz in teams or to practice skills for mastery. Each team answers a set of practice problems collaboratively. When they answer a question correctly they go up and throw the Velcro ball at the target. The team who has the most points when the game ends is the winner.

Risk it card game - table teams play against each other while working through whole class practice problems. Teams take turns answering a question and Ms. McGuire draws a card from the deck. Before she shows them their card they have to decide if they are going to keep their points or give them to another team. Black cards drawn are positive and red cards are negative. We tally the points and the winning team has the score that is highest.

Bingo- used to reinforce previously taught concepts. Each student creates their own Bingo board from a given list of solutions. As they solve the problems they cover the correct answer on their boards. The students have to solve the problem correctly to know the correct answer to cover.

Scavenger Hunts- Students get up and move around the room solving problems. The students solve a problem and look around the room for the answer, which leads them to another problem. Students start at all different areas of the room as they solve and navigate. Once they come back to their original problem, they have completed the hunt.

Students are currently exploring the following in their math classes:

Grade 6 - One-step Inequalities and Real World Problems

Grade 7 - Multi-step Inequalities and Real World Problems

Grade 7 High, Grade 8 and Algebra 1 -Solving Systems of Equations (Simultaneous Equations) using graphs, substitution, and elimination

Kindergarteners Teaching Kindergarten!

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Mustangs Giving back!

Builders Club, a student-led community service club for middle school students, has started at Lincoln School. Members attended their first meeting in February and made Valentine's Day cards for veterans. The club has begun collecting aluminum can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Builders Club members are looking forward to their future service projects!

Lincoln School Celebrates 100 Days of School!

Honor among Former Mustangs!

Eight former Garwood students (2 Seniors and 6 Juniors) were inducted into the National Honor Society at ALJ on February 21st.

Pictured below are:

Carina Hechevarria

Catherine Dustin

Isabel Cortese

Leah Scepkowski

Kaden Hackney

Abigail Henckel

Danielle Archer

Zoey Brown

We are so very proud of their recent accomplishments!

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All students at Lincoln School participated in Read Across America week. Here just examples how.

Mrs. Florio's 3rd Graders are Soaring to New Heights!

Mrs. Florio's 3rd graders soared to new heights as they explored the Solar System! Each student reported on a planet and created google slide presentations. This unit on Space included researching and creating an informational text using graphic features. The children enjoyed reading about and sharing information with their peers on all aspects of Space including the constellations, lunar phases, and how the Earth's orbit around the Sun causes the seasons to change. 21st Century Skills were incorporated into each lesson as the students used a variety of sites to collect information and present it in creative and innovative ways!

Justice Live!

On Friday, March 3rd, the 8th Grade had the opportunity to visit Union County Court and witness sentencing. Before the students visited the court room, Union County Prosecutor William Daniel was able to speak with the students and answer their questions about the work the prosecutors do every day. In two groups, the students were able to see how the court system works and had the opportunity to speak with public defenders as well as a judge. Upon return to school, the students were treated to pizza provided by the Garwood Municipal Alliance. What an amazing way to see the judicial branch in action!

Winter Sports Wrap Up!

The girls team finished with a record of 9 wins and 4 losses. The season before the same team went 0-14. It was an amazing season! Down the stretch, the team had big wins vs Wardlaw 30-22, Kenilworth 30-19 (after losing to them earlier in the season by 23 points), & Calvary Christian 33-22. The team was ousted by Roselle Park 39-38, what would have been the team’s 10th win of the season. The girls played their hearts out and showed true grit and tenacity. I am extremely proud of the girls!

The boys team finished with a record of 10 wins and 4 losses, securing a championship banner. During their stretch run, the final month of the season, the team went 7-2. Big wins came against Roselle Park, 60-44, Calvary Christian 50-31, & MKA 42-22 on the last day of the season. Last year’s team graduated all of the starters and this year was a completely new team. This team’s strengths were playing aggressive defense and timely outside shooting.

We could have not had the success this season without our amazing coaching & support staff. Aaren Beaty, Laura Knutson, KC Bree , Lia DiPiazza & Student coaches, John Sullivan & Maria Mormile.

All of the 8th grade basketball players will be honored at our annual Spirit Night game on Thursday, March 16 at 6:30pm.

Go Mustangs!

Learning STEAM using history!

4th graders in Miss Tarantino's social studies class learned about the Native Wampanoag People and their shelter, called a wetu. "Wetu" is the Wampanoag word for "home," and the Wampanoag constructed their homes using natural resources, such as trees. Students participated in a STEAM challenge where they designed a shelter using limited classroom materials, such as tape, craft sticks, and paper plates. Students were excited to plan, build, improve upon, present, and reflect on their creations!

The Year of the Rabbit!

Mrs. Florio's class excitedly welcomed Mrs. Jessica Rivera - Siew during Lunar New Year. With the help of our very own Cameron, Mrs. Siew explained the customs and traditions that she and her family share during this very special occasion. Through stories that highlighted Cantonese foods, costumes, and decorations, the 3rd graders gained a new perspective and greater appreciation of the cultures that have built and contributed so much to our communities over time!


Hola! Our amigos in 8th grade created bilingual books in Spanish and English for our amigos in KIndergarten recently! We had so much fun reading and getting to know each other! There were books about animals, colors and sports. This is the sixth year that we have been doing this fun activity. It is something that both the students and their teachers look forward to. 🙂

News from the Garwood Family Center YMCA

Registration is now open for Before and Aftercare. Limited space is available. The Garwood Center YMCA provides transportation to and from Lincoln School Garwood to the Y. The Y’s program provides youth in grades K-5 with a safe and fun place before and after the school bell rings. The balanced program supports academic achievement, fosters health and wellness and instills positive social-emotional skills through; homework help, afternoon nutritional snack, opportunities to get fit through outside and indoor daily play activities, art experiences and individually lead play. Care is provided as early as 7am for before care and ends at 6pm for aftercare.

We also have limited availability for our Preschool Programs (ages 2.5-5). Early learning programs at the Garwood Family Center YMCA focus on providing a caring, safe and healthy place to learn foundational skills, develop healthy trusting relationships and build self-confidence and self-reliance through character development and a structured curriculum.

Financial assistance is available for those suffering a bona fide financial hardship that cannot pay the full cost of the program.

Contact Shannon McGillis Jackson today for more information or to register. or 908-301-1616 ext 610

SEPAG Reminder- 3/22/23 @ 7pm.

There will be a virtual Special Education Parent Advisory Group meeting on March 22nd at 7Pm.

The focus of this meeting will be to re-engage parents of those student here in Garwood PK-8 that have special needs. There will a discussion/feedback period as well as a resource time that aid parents and guardians in their quest for further assistance and knowledge if need be. The link to the meeting is listed below:


Wednesday, March 22 · 7:00 – 8:00pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 401-684-3211‬ PIN: ‪359 823 493‬#

2023-2024 Kindergarten registration open!

*Child must be 5 by October 1, 2023

*Please request information by email

This year’s registration process will require two parts:

Step One: Contact the school by email at:

Include your child’s name, date of birth, address, parents’ names and phone numbers in your email.

Step Two: Complete paperwork and schedule your child’s Kindergarten screening.

Screening dates are June 2nd, June 6th and June 14th (if needed).

The screening takes approximately twenty minutes.

Superintendent's Coffee Talk 5.24.23 @ 6:30

Please join me in the cafeteria at 6:30 pm. for the next Superintendent's Coffee Talk. Topics of discussion at the Coffee Talk will be summer initiatives and fall previews.

Parent Partnership Workshop- Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying 4/26 @7pm.

Our next workshop in the Parent Partnership series will take place on April 26th @ 7pm. The topic discussed will be harassment, intimidation and bullying. There will be a link shared via email to all parents as the date get closer.

Dates to Remember.....

3/13 - 3/17 Spirit Week

3/14 - Pi/Pie Day

-BOE Meeting

3/16 - No Homework Night

- Spirit Night @ 6:30pm

3/17 - PTA Bake Sale

- Spring Dance Grades 3-5 (7-8:30pm)

3/20 - No School - Teachers in Service

3/24 - PTA Multicultural night @ 6:30pm

3/30 - Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Important April Dates:

4/6 - PTA Variety Show

4/7 - 4/14 - Spring Break - No School

4/18 - 3rd marking period ends

4/19 - Student in Government Night

4/25 - BOE Meeting