Life Formation

The start of a new star

All stars are born in dust clouds in space.The life os a star determines by its mass, the mass determines by the amount of pace dust and gas in the nebula. Which then starts to form a star. The dust cloud forms a orion nebula made out of gas, dust ( hydrogen grains) and sufficient, mass.with all of that it starts to collapse under its own gravitational attraction.As it is collapsing the core of the orion nebula heats up. Because of the hot core it creates a star. Although, it does not always have all parts of the star. The remaining can become planets, astroids, comments or it may just remain as dust in space.

Maine Sequence Star

A main sequence star can almost be as big as the sun. Yet it still takes 50 years to to mature. It is fueled by nuclear fusion and hydrogen. When it mixes it makes helium. The helium helps the star by deepining the interiors pressure. Because of it the star will not collapse under its own weight. The energy in the star makes it shine bright in the sky.

The red drawf are the most numerous stars. Its lifespan is 10 of billions of years. The hypergiants are 100 or more massive than the sun. The surface temp. is 30,000k, it has more energy than the sun. The lifespan however is much shorter, it is only a few million years. These are extremely rare.

Stars and there Fait

The larger the star the shorter the life. the core collapses its self and then it gets hotter. increasing the core it pushes outer layer farther out. As it expands it cools and turns into a red giant. while it is burning feriously and then dyes down. The puslate throws off outer layer, enshrouding into a cocoon, which creates dust and gas. The next all depends on the core. the n the cycle goes again.



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