Weird Animals

three most unusual animals


the first animal that is unusual is the liger, it is part lion and part liger it is the biggest cat in the world they grow 1kg every second day by the end of the first year they can weigh up to 165kg's by the end of 3 years they can weigh up to 320kg's the biggest liger weighed 550kg's they are very unusual animals.

Purple Frog

the second animal that is unusual is the purple frog' the purple frog is the only surviving member of a group of amphibians which evolved 130 million years ago. The purple frog lives in burrows, which can be up to 3.7 meters deep. Spending most of its life underground, the adult purple frog only comes to the surface for a few weeks of the year to breed.

Tomato Frog

The third unusual animal is the tomato frog. Tomato frogs live up to their name by possessing a vibrant, orange-red color. Females are much larger than males and have brighter tones of red or orange on their back, with a pale under surface. Some individuals also have black spots on the throat. It is thought that the brilliant colors of the tomato frog act as a warning to potential predators that these frogs are toxic a white substance secreted from the skin acts as a glue to deter predators and can produce an allergic reaction in humans.