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Online global collaboration in education - May 2018

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Another successful semester of projects!

Hello everyone!

Right now Flat Connections is finishing off another successful semester of global collaborative projects. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 11 have connected and co-created understanding about the world through various platforms and around various themes.

It is now time to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN for the next semester!
Flat Connections global projects start up again in August.

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Happy collaborating!
Julie Lindsay

Building Bridges to Tomorrow - K-2 Project

Our youngest students have been global collaborators for the past few months. Students as young a 4 years old have learned to use Flipgrid. We have exchanged pictures of the view out our windows and made videos in which we talk about how we play, the weather in our countries and various holiday celebrations. We are gathering data about our pets and have planned a fashion show to show how we dress for seasons and celebrations. The students have become Flipgrid experts and at the same time learned about being good digital citizens. The teachers enjoyed learning about their partner schools and sharing great ideas for classroom activities. Both the intentional and unexpected outcomes of this Building Bridges project have made all participants world class citizens.

Lynn Koresh, Project Manager

Project Website

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Windows to the World - Grades 3-6

One of the most exciting parts of this global project is bringing classrooms together towards the end for Student Summits. Most of the 10 weeks of global collaboration had been asynchronous using Edmodo, Padlet and Google sites, slides and forms. Now we are joining classrooms for summits, and the excitement amongst the students is contagious!
This week Nepal and Thailand joined for a summit in the virtual meeting room. In small groups of 2-3 students came to the computer and microphone and talked about their journey through the project. They discussed what was fun, what was hard, and why they loved collaborating with others no in their school and not in their country.

One boy shared that he thought the other students would be a lot different to him and his friends and then he found out there were some differences but mostly they were the same. As teachers, when you hear that your heart and head know this is one of the best learning experiences you can provide for your students. See the picture above of a classroom display based on project collaborations.

Chris Trimnell, Project Manager
Project website
Below are pics from the summit featuring teachers and students from Nepal and Thailand!
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Chris Trimnell - Why we should be doing global projects!

Project Manager for Flat Connections, Chris who is based in Melbourne Australia shares ideas about global collaboration via the PowToon platform.

Core EdTalks Interview with Julie Lindsay


This interview with Julie Lindsay was recording in October 2016 after she presented as a Spotlight Speaker at the uLearn Conference in New Zealand. It shares her motivation for writing 'The Global Educator' and ideas around new pedagogies for online global collaborative learning. Website link is HERE.
The Global Educator
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You MUST attend the Global Education Fair - it's on THIS WEEK - May 4 afternoon USA time, and May 5 morning on the other side of the world. It's FREE, it's ONLINE, and it's a vital gateway to further global connections and collaborations.

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Flat Connections will be there - make sure you drop by and say hi!
Flat Connections continues to push the innovation envelope with the development of a 'playbook' series to provide online learning to educators around the world. The four playbooks provide a stepped approach to becoming a connected, collaborative and global collaborative learner. They focus also on skills and learning design to do with online global collaboration and global project development.

What are YOU doing to support intercultural understanding, global competency and curriculum redesign to embed global learning?

Is there an 'Online global collaborative learning Playbook' in your future?

Find out more on the Global Collaborators website - globalcollaborator.net
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Download the Online Global Collaborative Learning Playbook brochure below

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Flat Connections CEO and Founder, Julie Lindsay

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