Welcome to 4/5 Gurrumul

The year ahead

Our Vision Statement

We the students of 4/5 Gurrumul are here to learn. As individuals we will always try to be fair, respectful, trustworthy and responsible. We will endeavour to be self-directed learners in our self-organised environment. As a class we would like to be seen as hardworking, organised and fun. We will work well as a team and will set personal goals and work hard to achieve them. We will act in a way that will make ourselves and others proud. We will strive to be the best 21st century learners we can be and take all opportunities that come our way.

We promise to dream big and reach for the stars because we know how great we can be!

Our 21st Century learning Space

4/5 Gurrumul students are working in a 21st century learning space in a 21st century way. Research shows that students as well as academic skills also need to acquire a different set of skills that will last for a lifetime. To be able to solve problems in our complex, fast-changing world, students must become nimble, creative thinkers who can work well with others.

In our classroom we constantly have the opportunity to develop these skills through research and project based work which enables us to be creative and work with our peers. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Come in and take a look!