By: Chandler Horton

Where Am I going?

For vacation, I'm going to Paris, France. Paris is a very interesting place to visit. Alot of vacationers choose Paris as their vacation place.Paris has very pretty places to visit such as the eiffel tower, the food, and other amazing places.

Ten Interesting Facts:

1. France's official name is the French Republic

2. Liberty, equality, and fraternity is France's Motto.

3. France is the largest country in the EU.

4. France is soemtimes called the Hexagon.

5. People have said Paris is a very romantic.

6. 80% of the Population is Roman Catholic.

7. The world's oldest woman was French.

8. French wine can reach soaring prices.

9. France invented the Metric system.

10. There are alot of flaors of cheese invented in Paris.


To fly to Paris, It will take 9 Hours.

It is 5,091 mi. away.

I will Take my parents most likely fly there.

I will fly there.

I will be there for 5 days


I will stay at Mecure Paris Porte De St Cloud.

It is a 3 star hotel with a good price.

I will need to pack money, Hygiene products, and electronics.


To stay at the hotel it costs $180 per night.

I will need about $150 in spending money.

$80 for food and other meals.

For flying, it will cost $1492.

About $125 for gas money,


I will probably go sight seeing and other awesome stuff