Morton's Musings

Communication for the week of November 30, 2015


Phonics skills:

This week we are practicing the long e sound (ee, ea and e in words like we, she, he). Please remind your child that ee almost always makes the long e sound. Ea only does it about half the time. When they come across a word with ea they should try the long e sound first than say it with the short e sound.

Comprehension skills: Comparing and Contrasting: This is fun one to do with Holiday books. Have your child read a book about holidays. As them to compare how they celebrate with how the character celebrated. Also when you are reading with your child, you can ask them how characters are alike or different.


feet, he, see, we me, she be, green, week, tree. (a few students already passed the the spelling test today so I sent then home the ea words. Please check with your child what their list is for this week. The ea words are eat, sea, each, team, please, dream, treat, beach, clean, lean)

Words to Read

around, find, grow, under, food, water.


This week we will practice other ways of adding and subtracting numbers which have a sum or difference larger than 10 but less than 20.


We will be going to the ballet next week in Cody. Please return your child's permission slip, which was sent home last week, by tomorrow. Thanks.