Renewable Energy For Broken Bay

By Sajid

Broken Bay!!!

Broken Bay is a windy island 50 kilometres off the coast of Australia, used by educational and recreational institutions to simulate the wilderness and possibilities of when you're out on your own. This place, scarcely uses electricity and is in fact, wasting it without a source to store out all the excess. Nevermind this, what about the fact that it is using diesel-powered generators, not the best option. Lets explore into renewable forms of energy first.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is energy that is produced from a supposedly infinite source or source which is can be replenished. In terms of electricity, this is harnessing the power of natural elements and using them to convert mechanical energy (energy made by machines) into electrical energy (electricity). Currently these are the methods of renewable energy:

-Wind Energy

-Solar Energy

- Geothermal Energy

- Biomass/Biofuel

-Hydroelectric energy

-Tidal energy

What Renewable Energy Will Be Used In Your Situation?

The residents living in Broken Bay live in a mountainous area, thus using a wind energy may work quite efficiently. Like all reasonable Wind turbines, they contain weather-vanes, devices that measure the direction of wind automatically changing to its measurement, gaining the most of every possibility. They can be obtained for a measly $3200 each.The fact that the residents live near a river, hydroelectric energy would also work very well. Damming a sufficient amount of water an using gravity to our advantage will increase the amount of electricity made. For those marine-lovers, if any fish gets caught into the gravitational trap, there will be a criss-crossed net made entirely out of silk, to only let water and some tiny rocks fall through. Moments later, the net will trigger an air duct which will redirect the fish or school back to the river. All the others I listed may not work so well or will not flourish at all due to the environment of the situation, temperature, and the metres above sea level.

What is Wind Energy?

Wind energy is a type of electricity made by capturing the wind to turn a turbine over and over almost in a perpetual motion. The blades of the turbine power up a generator located in the back of the cylindrical component which creates electricity. This electricity is sent to a transformer where the current is energised or weakened.

Wind Turbines - How does it actually work? Investment?

What is Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric Energy is essentially using gravity to force water down a tube filled with turbines. These turbines connected to generators spin with the flow of the water giving the them something to feed on. Hawkesbury River hasn't been dammed yet and the likelihood of it being dammed for a reason like this is not that high so this will be considered as a last resort.

Hydro Power - Animation on how Hydro Power Works

Why your diesel-powered generator isn't as good as the ones listed above?


The cost of a turbine is $12000 and having the capability to power more than 1000 houses, this would be too much to power for just around 120 houses, so transforming this power,making it weaker to just the right amount would make no waste of electricity and would use every little penny. The Hydroelectric power, being the last resort would cost a whopping 30 million. With the permission of The Government all of this renewable, infinite ,efficient energy will be possible.