Are kids more socialized or smarter because of the internet?

Kids/adults now a days are using the internet as a kind of crutch. They use it so much that without it they would be like a “Broken Leg”.

Its the parents job to help their kids succeed, also kids think that the internet is more right then there parents.

People are lie more because they are not face to face with the person.

People aren't looking face to face and the cant hear your voice so they it makes it easier for them to lie. More people get hurt over texting lies then face to face lies.

Why do people lie?

What will technology do to people in the future.

The day after tomorrow.

Technology will become increasingly more popular and then people will always want the next big thing so they will waist there money and then we will get so technological war and people will never be the same.


Please learn more about this topic for yourself.