Imagination Control

Live, the fantasy you want to live! Simply walk in and think

Our shop can give you the best fantasy/adventure/action that you could ever want!

Angry with that new Halo 8 that you couldn't get to level two on? A mod that you want but just cannot afford? Well the makers of Sony and X-Box just want your money in their pocket. For only $50 you can get to level thirty-seven in one you here that one hour! Just step into our stim-rooms and you can not just play the game you can live it! So come in here today and live that fantasy!

This business will try to cater to your every need!

NW 286th st. OKC, Ok


Rated M games are banned and any one found having a rated M game online will be banned from the premisiss for one month

We are imagination control!

Reach us at the above adressess or at the contact info below.