TMES School Counseling Newsletter

December 2021

Ms. Cooper's Corner

For the month of December, students will participate in a lesson on Body Safety. Prince William County Schools requires that all school counselors provide this lesson with their students once a year. This lesson is optional as parents do have the ability to request that their student not participate. You will have the option to preview the lesson in efforts to assist in making an educated decision about opting in or out, along with resources to help further the conversation with your child at home.

Ms. Patchan's Place

For the month of November, we have focused on empathy for the older grade levels (4th grade) and respect and kindness for the lower grade levels ( Kinder & 2nd) for our classroom

lessons. These lessons have helped students to gain a better understanding of others feelings and in turn, are able to effectively communicate with one another. They have also learned what community means along with the importance of diversity and inclusion. For December, our focus will be on the Body Safety lesson, which is a yearly lesson that is required by the county. More information will be coming about this lesson soon and parents will have the option to preview the lesson before deciding whether to opt in or out.


The SCA has shown great leadership by assisting with the Turkey Drive and Coat Drive this year! They have done a great job collaborating with one another, they have decorated posters to promote the drives and have shared this information with their classes as well. I am so excited to announce that we have collected over 400 cans of food! A special shout out goes to Mrs. Stamp's class who collected over 100 cans of food! This will be such a tremendous help to those families that are in need this Thanksgiving! Thank you to all who donated. It is greatly appreciated!

Body Safety Lesson Preview

As stated above, students will participate in a classroom guidance lesson on body safety. Parents and caregivers do have the option to have your student(s) opt out of participating in the lesson. To preview the lesson prior to deciding on participating, click on this link. Opt out letters went home with your student(s) by November 30th; only send the form back if you do not wish to participate.

Looking for ways to have this discussion with your student? Check out the resources below:

Counseling Support Based on Student Needs

Prince William County Schools has elected to use a district-wide student and parent needs assessment to look at our current needs from a socio-emotional standpoint. This information is given to each school once results are received for the School Based Mental Health Team to review and create a plan of action to support student success. Based on our responses, the top three needs expressed by our students are:

  • Grief support
  • Changing family dynamic (divorce, separation, new caretaker, newly blended family)
  • Coping with a negative event as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (loss of housing, food, income, and/or direct impact from a family member's COVID-19 diagnosis)
Click on this link to access our individual and small group support newsletter!

No Place for Hate News

The No Place for Hate Committee will be hosting the event "Diversity in Children's Literature" for the month of December! We will be celebrating our various cultures and experience through window books and mirror books. To bring us together during this special time of year, we are opening a Padlet for mirror book read alouds! Our committee is looking for at least ten read alouds to share with students on a school-wide level! If you are interested in reading a story that is a mirror to your identity, please feel free to upload to this Padlet! Students will spend the last week of December and the month of January viewing your stories and participating in discussions about the importance of being represented in literature. Join us as we continue to bridge our Marshall together through books!

Adjusting to In-Person Learning During the Pandemic

Returning back to in-person learning can be both an exciting and stressful experience for everyone. Here are links to some resources to help your family and student in making the transition back to school a smooth and safe one: