A Midsummer's Day

By Hanna Moser


While sitting in the summer sun,

I started baking like a bun,

I knew that if I stayed put,

I would begin to smell like a foot,

So I called up my friends,

And began to make amends,

We would all go to the pool,

In order to get on our cool,

Upon our arrival there,

We decided that we’d dare,

To break some of the rules,

But because we were such fools,

The lifeguards became slightly bent,

And out the door we were sent,

The sun started really shining,

As we looked for the silver lining,

What else was there to do?

We needed to make a plan anew,

Aha Aha at last we thought,

And from our brains a plan was wrought,

Screaming screaming

For the creaming,

Delicious flavors,

Bring crazy behaviors.

Ice cream we would get,

For it was indeed a big hit,

So we kicked back and enjoyed the treat,

Hoping the heat we just might beat!