St Mary's School Term 2 Week 1


Newsletter 6 May 2021


Tena koutou, kumusta, talofa lava

It has certainly been a cooler start to term 2! I often reflect on how cold the classrooms were in the old school before we moved into our new school buildings. It's hard to believe that it was nearly 5 years ago that we moved out of the old school into our current buildings. Recently staff from several other schools have visited us to look through our rooms and their layout, as they will be getting new buildings in the near future. Many have been impressed by the way that we utilise our spaces and enable our students to work in flexible learning environments. We are so lucky that we have bright, attractive and warm classrooms to work in.

On another note, we have just received a grant from the NZ Community Trust for $6740 for the purchase of Perceptual Motor Programme equipment (PMP). This equipment will be utilsed by our staff to teach PMP which is a motor coordination programme for school-age children. We are excited that our students will get the opportunity to continue to build on the many skills they already learn at St Mary's School.

Mā te Atua koe e manaaki, e tiaki

May God bless you and protect you

David O’Neill



We would like to welcome the following students to St Mary’s School:

Tomas - R2

Nita - R3


06/05 Thursday ANNA Rm 2

10/05 Monday CEDRICK Rm 5

12/05 Wednesday RENESMEE Rm 3

14/05 Friday RUBY Rm 1

16/05 Sunday EMMA Rm 2

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Mental Health Activities Week In The Arataki Team

Each term the Arataki Team (Yr4-8) spends some time focusing on mental health. We believe this is very important for our students. This week students have been focusing on communication and have been participating in activities to enhance communication. The other aspect they have been looking at is having a positive mindset by using the 'yet' strategy to change their thinking process when faced with challenges. Please watch the video below to hear what Ethan in year 8 has to say.
Mental Health activities week

Perceptual Motor Programme

We have just received a $6740 grant from the NZ Community Trust for new Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) equipment. This will benefit a huge range of our students. Teachers in the junior school will utilise this predominantly with some senior students targeted when the need arises.

What is PMP?

  • PMP is a motor coordination programme for school-age children.
  • It is comprised of sequential movement activities across five different stations.
  • PMP uses a range of fitness, balance, eye tracking, locomotion and eye/hand, eye/foot coordination activities.
  • PMP aims to develop the child’s perception and understandings of himself or herself in relation to his/ her world, through movement/ motor experiences.
  • It aims to develop perceptions of height and space, pattern and order, laws and limitations that govern the human body.
  • PMP assists pupils’ Literacy & Numeracy skill development.
  • Above all it aims to give the child confidence to manipulate him/ herself in their world.

School/Parish Mass Sunday 23 May 2021 at 9.30am

Our school/parish Mass for this term is going to be held on Sunday 23 May at 9.30am. Please make a note of this date. Students are asked to be at Mass by 9.20am and to sit at the front of the church with their classmates. Special Choir are required to wear uniform and will be seated in the choir loft. Special choir parents, please confirm your child's attendance by texting Caitlin Godfrey (choir administrator).

School Polar Fleece

Our school polar fleece can be purchased from the school office at a cost of $50.00. Payment can be made with cash or via internet banking.

Pre Enrolment of Siblings

The number of spaces remaining on our school roll in the upcoming years is limited. If you have a child that you would like to attend St Mary’s that you haven’t already advised us about can you please make sure you talk to Mr O’Neill or Mrs Odams otherwise there may be no space for your child.

Closing of School Gate

Please ensure that when you enter and leave the school grounds you shut the school gate properly after you - thank you. This is to ensure the safety of all of our students.

Carpark Safety

A reminder to all parents/caregivers to reduce speed in our driveway and carpark areas to ensure the safety of our students as they walk down the drive or across the carpark.

Student Absence

Please remember to send the office a notification via the school app if your child is away from school. If your child is going to be away for a planned reason such as an appointment or holiday during term time you can advise us in advance with the dates and reason for their absence.
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Attendance Dues

Each term the parish email invoice to families for attendance dues. Please note that the bank account number for making payments has changed. Their new bank account number is: 03-1592-0207236-22.

Attendance dues are compulsory for all students who attend catholic schools in NZ. For 2021 attendance dues have been set at $412 per year or $103 per term. For budgeting purposes families are welcome to pay weekly or monthly.

Upcoming Events


  • KOTAHITANGA TEAM MASS- Thursday 13 May 9.15am
  • ARATAKI TEAM MASS- Thursday 20 May 9.15am
  • SCHOOL MASS- Sunday 23 May 9.30am
  • YR 7/8 THURSDAY SPORT BEGINS- Thursday 27 May


  • KOTAHITANGA TEAM MASS- Thursday 3 June 9.15am
  • ARATAKI TEAM MASS- Thursday 10 June 9.15am
  • FIRST COMMUNION MASS- Sunday 13 June
  • KOTAHITANGA TEAM MASS- Thursday 24 June 9.15am


  • ARATAKI TEAM MASS- Thursday 1 July 9.15am
  • END OF TERM 2- Friday 9 July 3pm

Teacher Only Days for 2021

Friday 18 June

Friday 27 August

Monday 15 November

Lunchonline - Subway or Sushi on Fridays

If you would like to order your child’s lunch for delivery on Fridays this can be done via Lunchonline. You can click on the lunchonline image or link below to take you directly to their website or login to . Follow the instructions to create an account if you don’t already have one. Food must be ordered before 8.30am on Friday. If you already have an account you can update your child’s classroom by logging on and clicking on Members.

School App

If you haven’t downloaded our school app please do so as this is our primary means of communication with our school community. This is very important as if you do not have the app downloaded you may miss out on important information. If you require any assistance to download it please ask at the school office.