How to Become an Aerospace Engineer

Road to the Amazing World of Technology

By: Raj Ammu


Aerospace engineering is one of the hardest, but most exciting careers ever! You design and test prototypes. It is basically the development of flight vehicles. For example; air-crafts, missiles, spacecrafts, and satellites. It is so fun :) We also get to build things like robots, house ware items, cars, and more! Aerospace engineering also improves our lives. This job can let our creativity fly and improve our world with new technology. So this article is about how you can become an aerospace engineer, what they do in aerospace engineering, and some experienced people in that field so that you understand more about an aerospace engineer’s life.

How to Become an Aerospace Engineer

If you want to become an aerospace engineer, there is one main restriction or requirement that you will need to have. That is a bachelor’s degree. Without a bachelor’s degree, you can’t join or become an aerospace engineer. A bachelor’s degree is a certificate that you earn for an undergraduate course of study which is about 3 to 5 years of study in college. There are also a few courses that you will need to complete to become an aerospace engineer and a few things that you need to have.

  1. Aerospace Engineering Bachelor's Degree

  2. Master’s Degree

  3. License

  4. Pass a Series of Tests.

These classes will also help you to become an aerospace engineer. It is just so incredible. Even though it takes a lot of work and studies, it is all worth it when you experience the amazement and the fun. The next paragraph is about how an aerospace engineer’s life is.

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Day to Day Life of a Aerospace Engineer

An overall view of what an aerospace engineer is and does is that he/she is a person who designs or builds air-crafts, spacecrafts, missiles, satellites, and systems for natural defense. They also build other types of machines or electronics too, not just natural defense. They also test prototypes to make sure that they are functioning properly and match their design. They are mostly involved in things like design and manufacturing. So how about learning how a day of an aerospace engineer is? It’s very frustrating. You have to work for hours and have to work hard. But it is also very exciting! The work takes months to complete, but it is worth it. Once they get up, they start working until the end of the day. They work to build things for our society, today, more than probably a thousand flights are launched. They take people anywhere they want. There are satellites, which let us use phones, GPS’s, and other devices. We take all of this for granted, but most of us do not realize that it is the work of hundreds of people who are making this for us. The salary of an aerospace engineer stretches from $ 66,110 - $ 155,240. That is the original day of an aerospace engineer.

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Professionals in the Field

To get a closer look of how an Aerospace engineer’s life is, how about we talk about someone that is an Aerospace engineer, Mr. Schutt. Mr. Schutt has been an engineer for 18 years. He works for a company called Caterpillar. Mr. Schutt is a software developer who helps design software for systems that control the blade position on bulldozers and other Caterpillar machines. Mr. Schutt says that he also enjoys that the software design that he designs goes onto machines that build homes and roads the help improve the world we live in. He states that he "Enjoys his job and that while it can be challenging at times, he says that it is very satisfying when there is a very difficult problem and he is able to fix it". Mr. Schutt also says that to be an engineer, "You need to take a lot of math and science classes and also be a very good problem solver". Mr. Schutt explains that his, "favorite aerospace vehicle is the rovers which can travel to mars! The reason why is because no human can go there, but these vehicles can", now isn’t that awesome? See here’s a reason why Aerospace engineering is awesome :)


Now this is how you can become an aerospace engineer and what aerospace engineering is. Sometimes it is hard, but you have to keep learning and practicing too. Remember, not only this might be helping you, but this also helps our society and even the world! This article will help you become an aerospace engineer someday to help the society. If you like designing things that fly, or if you like manufacturing, use this as a guide to help you become one. Hope you become an aerospace engineer someday :)

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