St Joseph's Newsletter T2 Wk 4

25 May 2022

Principal’s Piece

Kia Ora Koutou

Me mahi tahi tāou mō te oranga o te katoa

We should work together for the wellbeing of everyone

I am writing this piece from home where I am isolating having recently tested positive for Covid 19. We are seeing a rise again in case numbers as the second wave hits the school. Our junior team has been hit the hardest. This wave coincides with being back at school for 2 weeks after the holidays. As a community we still need to work together for the wellbeing of everyone. It is important to keep children who are unwell home and completing RAT testing. By working together we can stomp out this second wave of Covid 19.

Last Tuesday our community was saddened by the news that Maureen Henry's husband Laurie had passed away. Maureen has had a long association with our school and is currently working one day a week in Matatipu. Many of us knew Laurie from his days as a relief teacher. He worked in many different schools around the Hamilton area. Thank you to those families who were able to keep their children home on Monday so a number of staff could attend Laurie’s funeral.

Congratulations to our Lit Quiz teams who represented the school well at the recent Catholic School Lit Quiz in Morrinsville. All of our teams placed within the top 10 places and narrowly missed out on first place. In total there were 26 teams from the different Waikato Catholic Schools who took part. A special thanks to those parents that helped out with transport on the day.

Over the last three weeks there have been a number of opportunities for our parents and community to come back and be involved with the school. It’s great to see so many take up these opportunities as we look to establish the links post Covid. This Friday we have another school assembly in the Church at 2pm. Our Year 4-6 team will be hosting this assembly so come along and join the school as we celebrate the wonderful learning taking place in the classrooms.

Kia manaaki te Atua koutou katoa

Grant Stuart

Tumuaki / Principal

Gospel Reflection

Sixth Sunday after Easter, Cycle C

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Gospel Reading

John 14:23-29

Jesus promises his disciples that the Father will send the Advocate, the Holy Spirit.

Background on the Gospel Reading

This portion of John's Gospel comes near the end of the first of four chapters that make up Jesus' long farewell discourse at the Last Supper. This section of chapter 14 actually sums up the themes of the opening of the discourse: the Christian's life is not shaped by Jesus' absence but by God's abiding presence; God's presence overcomes anxiety about God's absence; and the present holds in it the seeds of a fresh future shaped by love, not fear.

These verses also contain a glimpse of some of the other themes of the farewell discourse: Jesus' relationship with the Father and the disciples' relationship to Jesus connect the disciples to the Father as well. Jesus promises to send an Advocate or intercessor who will remind the disciples of everything that Jesus taught them and bring them peace.

Jesus is preparing his disciples in advance for his absence so that they will continue to believe in him and not feel all alone after his return to the Father. After the initial excitement of his Easter appearances, Jesus will remain with his followers in a very different way throughout the centuries.

As our celebration of the Easter season is coming to an end, the liturgy reminds us that Jesus remains with us through the Holy Spirit, who teaches us everything we need to know, reminds us of all that Jesus taught, and brings us peace.

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Teacher Only Days and Public Holidays

As we settle into the 4th week of the term we start to look ahead to some of the things that are coming in the next few weeks.

Friday 3rd June is a Hamilton North East wide teacher only day.

Monday 6th June brings Queens Birthday weekend public holiday.

Friday 24th June is the first time we celebrate Matariki with a public holiday in NZ. We will be holding a Matariki celebration at school also. Details on this to follow.

Supervision Option for Teacher Only Day - Friday 3 June:

We have an option for children to be supervised at school on Friday 3 June from 8.45am -2.45pm The cost is $25.00. Book through EnrolMy:

Click on link: ENROLMY Online TOD Supervision Booking

Please note that if your child goes to Breakfast Club or After School Care, these need to be booked separately on EnrolMy.

Learning Conversations: Tuesday 21 June and Tuesday 5 July

Note: School closes at 12.45pm on Tuesday 21 June

Parents can make an appointment to meet with your child’s classroom teacher for a mid year Learning Conversation. This is a time for parents and teachers to discuss academic progress and next steps in learning. It is up to the parents whether children come to these meetings too; we don’t mind either way!

These appointments will be held over 2 days. Appointments are 15 minutes long.

Tuesday 21 June 1.30pm - 7.00pm

Tuesday 5 July 3.00pm - 6.00pm

To book a Mid Year Learning Conversation Appointment:

Click here - Learning Conversation Appointment Booking Link

Or go to Event Code: 2gvge

To enable the Learning Conversations to happen, school will close at 12.45pm on Tuesday 21 June, so that teachers can start meeting whānau in the afternoon. Thank you for your understanding.

Supervision Option for 12.45-2.45pm Tuesday 21 June

If you are unable to pick your child up at 12.45pm on Tuesday 21 June, you can book them in to be supervised onsite. This costs $10 for the 2 hours. Book through EnrolMy:

Click on link: ENROLMY Learning Conversation Bookings

Please note that if your child goes to Breakfast Club or After School Care, these need to be booked separately on EnrolMy.

On Wednesday 5 July, school finishes at the normal time.

The Orange setting public health measures in place for Mid Year Learning Conversations are:

- masks at all times indoors

- social distancing in the meetings

Catholic Interschools Literature Quiz

On Tuesday the 17th of May, we sent five teams over to St Josephs in Morrinsville to participate in the annual Catholic Interschools Literature Quiz. St Joseph’s did well overall, scoring second, fourth, fifth and sixth out of twenty six teams. Great going!

Team Green comprising Ava Moore, Koby MacDonald, Emily Langley and

Raphael Brdanovic gave it a good go.

In sixth place, St Joseph's Team Bronze put in an awesome effort. The team were

Bella Crisostomo, Catherine Scanlon, Phoebe De Maudave Bestel and Joe Riley.

Team Gold was our only year six team who collaborated fantastically and placed fifth. This team comprised Oscar Ott, Zach McLauchlan-Hillary, Clare Williams and Elizabeth Jovanovic.

In fourth place we had St Joseph's team Yellow which was a year 7 and 8 team, in the team were Veronica Jovanovic, Bella McLauchlan-Hillary, Tessa Scott and Ezra Gower.

And Finally we had St Joseph’s team White who came in second place. This team consisted of Toby Monsma, Aoife Whaley, Zara Mawdsley and Laura Barton.

On the way home, we stopped and met Morrinsville’s biggest cow!

Overall, St Josephs had a fun time competing and are glad they gave it a go!

By Laura and Zara, News Team

Period Products

St Joseph’s Fairfield has opted into the government initiative to provide period products for students. This initiative aims to provide free period products to children and young people in all schools across New Zealand. Periods are a fact of life for half the population. Despite this, young people don’t always have access to the products they need to feel comfortable at school, engage in their learning, and manage what should be a normal and healthy part of life. If you want to know more, click here for a link to the Ministry of Education information.

At St Joseph’s, we have put in place a discreet delivery system so that girls can take home a monthly allocation of period products (two boxes per month). We know that some girls at this age might feel too shy to openly discuss period products with their peers or a staff member, so we want to make access easy and remove any embarrassment for them.

Click here for more information.

Each girl can fill in this Google Form which lets them select from various products.

Sports News


The netball season is underway. Our St Joseph's Fantails Y5-6 netball team (Paige, MacKenzie, Maggie, Holly, Sophie, Stella, Lucy, Olivia) had their first game of the season last Wednesday at Minogue Park. They played a strong Insoll Primary opposition, and went down 15-5.


Over the weekend we had a small but pretty mighty contingent of St Joseph’s students compete at the Swimming Waikato Junior Championship. They produced some outstanding results:

Tessa Scott:

Bronze in the Girls 200m Freestyle Relay and 50m Girls Butterfly

Silver in Girls 200 Individual Medley and 400 Freestyle

6 x Personal Bests

Sophia Mohacsi

Bronze Girls 50m Backstroke

Bronze Girls 200 Individual Medley

8 x Personal Bests

Ezra Gower

Bronze Boys 50m Butterfly

5 x Personal Bests

Angus McDiarmid

5 x Personal Bests

Samuel McDiarmid

Bronze Boys 100m Breaststroke

3 x Personal Bests

Bradley Lander

Did an amazing effort only 0.16 over his PB for his Boys 50m Backstroke

Cultural Committee

Sir Lankan Versak Festival

Our Cultural Committee is committed to raising awareness of the wide range of cultures in our school. If you would like to join this group, please contact us for details.

Here are some of our Sri Lankan families celebrating Veshak recently. Vesak is the celebration of Lord Buddha’s life, enlightenment and death. The event is observed on the full-moon day of the lunar month Vesak, which falls in May. Families visit their local temple for prayer services on this day. The devotees will give offerings to the monks, of food, candles and flowers. Chanting and praying are an important part of Vesak.

Vesak is a very colourful and happy celebration. We light up handmade beautiful lanterns in our homes and temples. Thorana is a decorative freestanding piece of art or architecture, popular in Vesak season. The stories from Lord Buddah’s life are presented in these thorana.

Families all get together for dansal. Dansal are temporary alms stalls that distribute free food and drinks to all during the Vesak festival.

You are welcome to visit our Buddhist temple in Holland Street, Eureka anytime.

Term Two Key Dates

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Support St Josephs Catholic School Fairfield PTFA and purchase your Entertainment Membership from us today!!

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COVID 19 - Update

We still have some students showing symptoms of Covid 19 and a number of these children are testing positive. If this is the case with your child, please let us know.

Please email the Principal directly: or ring (07) 855 5434.

All students who return a positive test result, and their household contacts, need to self-isolate for 7 days, then they are able to return to school provided they are symptom free.

Past Student Sporting Achievements

We are keen to build a database of former students who have gone on to do great things in their sporting endeavours - they may represent New Zealand or play sport professionally. If you know of former students doing great things, please let us know.

Before and After School Care 2022

Here is the link to find out more details and to enrol for Term Two:

Breakfast Club Term 2

After School Club Term 2

Community Notices

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Parenting from Greatness

It is still a bit of a wobbly time out there isn't it? Quite possibly this might be having a huge impact on the dynamics and relationships INSIDE but also OUTSIDE of your home.

If I could take a screenshot of your life right now, would you say you are living and parenting in a way that makes you truly excited and gives you a sense of freedom? Are you parenting with joy?

In other words... Are you Parenting from what I like to call ‘Greatness’?

I wouldn't be surprised after the last two years if your answer was a 'no'. Or a 'not quite'. Or a 'well things are okayyyyy'. Do you feel totally swamped by the responsibilities, just trying to make it through another day and getting to the end of it feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, depleted, and just over it?

I get you. I was once there and it wasn't that long ago. I have two boys aged 9 and 13 and I am in a completely different place to where I thought I would be when I first went into this journey!

In my early years, I found being a parent hard....I wasn't happy, my kids weren't happy and neither was their Dad! We just didn't know how to relate to ourselves or each other very well. We were just doing the old parenting stuff, the old way or reacting to that old way which wasn’t helpful either! I had a car crash entry into becoming a parent which I have no problem sharing because it birthed in me the desire to support others in their journey. I had to dig deep to change the way I parented and the beginning of that change was when I finally put up my hand and asked for help! I began working with my own parent mentor and arrived at a very different place in my parenting journey. One where I learned how to Parent from ‘Greatness’ which truly is an evolution in the way we raise our children.

My boys are getting older now and I tell you things are totally different in my world as a Parent. To be able to navigate the last couple of years with a sense of ease and grace is no mean feat and I know without a doubt that it is because I invested in the way I parent.

When I say, change your parenting - Change your life, I’m not joking!

So what do I mean when I say Parenting From Greatness?

In short - It is an evolution in the way we raise our kids where all parents and children see themselves and each other as powerful.

But to fill you in a bit more... It is the truth and genius that lies in all of us. The gifts, talents, and abilities that are unique to each individual on this planet which make up our unique purpose for being here. Another way of saying that's our heart!

Greatness is being able to see that everyone is powerful and has a heart. Every single person on this planet. You, your partner, your children, your co-parent, your neighbour, your friends. Everyone.

Isn't that what we truly want? So we can deepen our relationships, Parent from a place of compassion for ourselves and others, and no longer be controlled by the negative emotions and 'old stuff' that doesn't serve us or our families.

In June a brand new program is launching to help you do just that!

This program is born from a vision I have, one that lifts parents out of the control and fear that dominated the way most of us were parented. One that is outside of the cycles of the past where so often we as parents find ourselves unconsciously repeating the way our parents parented us or reacting strongly to it.

I'm talking about a new way of parenting where you learn how to connect with your intuition, with your own inner knowing which tells you exactly what to do because only you know what is right for you and your family. Learning the ability to move past what you don't want once you know what is getting in your way. Uncovering what you do want, learning how to focus on it and how to actually create it!


From the 8th until the 12th of June I will be hosting the Parenting From Greatness program for the very first time, LIVE online via Zoom. You don't even have to leave your house to access this incredible Program. It will be a jam-packed 5 days of learning, embodying, applying, and experiencing the shizzle out of a new way of parenting! Are you ready?

You can find more information about the program and reserve your spot, RIGHT HERE >>>

I am offering a once-off, absolutely crazy, ridiculous, discount as a celebration of this work going live, so don't miss out as I definitely won't ever offer it for this price again. Find out more here.

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Parish Mass Times

St Peter Chanel

Tuesday 9am

Thursday 9am - Liturgy with Communion

Saturday Vigil 5pm

St Joseph's

Wednesday 9am - Liturgy with Communion

Friday 9am

Sunday 9am

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2022 Term Dates

Term Dates

Term 2: Mon 2nd May – Fri 8th July

Term 3: Mon 25th July – Fri 30th September

Term 4: Mon 17th October – Fri 16th December

Teacher Only Days

Term 2 – Friday, 3 June

Term 3 – Monday, 29 August

Term 4 – Friday, 11 November