United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

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About the United Arab Emirates

Population: 9.346 (as of 2013)

Size: 32,278 mi2

Religion: Islam

Capital: Abu Dhabi

Biggest City: Dubai

Places To Visit

Dress Code!

The United Arab Emirates has a strict dress code, which is part of Dubai's criminal law. Most malls in the United Arab Emirates have a dress code which is:

  • females should cover their shoulders and knees
  • women are not permitted to wear sleeveless tops
  • women are not permitted to wear short shorts.

People are also asked to wear modest clothing when going into the mosques, for example, the Mosque Sheikh Zayed in Abu Dhabi.

What Is A Mosque?

A Mosque is a place where Muslims worship the god/goddess they believe in. There are many different gods and goddesses that Muslims worship. One very famous and worshiped is Allah (god).

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Amazing Mosque! Very famous tourist site in the United Arab Emirates, and the most famous Moqsue for citizens.

Emirates Palace

Rating: 4.6 stars

Address: West Corniche Road, Opp Ithiad Tower, United Arab Emirates

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