Casey Leuenberger

What is CSA?

A 25 year old program and still growing, CSA is a popular tens of thousands of people easily purchase fresh, seasonal, produce. The costumers prepay for the season so that every week throughout the farm season they receive a box of fresh produce. Some CSA farmers let their customers choose their own box, then donate their extra produce to a food bank. While some CSA farmers may offer other farm goods such as eggs, milk, meat, etc. In some farms many CSA farmers will join together to expand the product diversity.

Why is CSA so popular?

Recently, there has been a big push for organic produce. People are tired of processed and poisoned "fresh" produce. Does anyone really know where their tomatoes are coming from that they pick up in Publix? Many people chose to shop at Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and even their local farmers market, but even driving all that way could really be an inconvenience. Not to mention over priced. The average prepayment is about $300-$600, which averages only $30 a week! With your mere $30 you have fresh food, and a variety of new vegetables and exposure to new ways of cooking them. The costumer can see WHERE their food is grown, how is it grown, and build a relationship with the farmer that grows it. Children love going to the farm and seeing their vegetables growing, and eating their greens doesn't become such a hassle anymore! CSA farming binds a community together as well. The farmers receive payment prior to the season which helps cash flow, they can also sell their food prior to their busy season. When their is a tragedy in the farmers life which effects the efficiency of their crops, their costumers bind together to support their farmer and root on his success. The whole community benefits from CSA farming.

A new, fresh way of living.